New CEO, New Beginnings

The Board of Directors has appointed Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson as the new CEO of Amcham Finland. We warmly welcome Alexandra to her new position! She will start working September 1 part time remotely from Texas and full time in Helsinki starting January 1, 2018....

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14 August

Getting Ready for the Next Government Agenda

The next Finnish government – if all goes as usual – will start its term around the summer of 2019. It may seem like there is an abundance of time to prepare for the next government negotiations, but it’s an illusion. All the planning, coalition-building...

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10 August

Women in Business – Top Ten Tips

What is the status of women in business in Finland and globally? As a woman, what challenges do you face in the workplace? And what are your success stories that we can learn from? This Monday, at member Fondia’s marvelous offices, Amcham hosted a Women’s Network...

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21 June

SOTE Means Business

The notion that health and social care in Finland is changing dramatically is already an established fact. Despite the open questions, such as how procurements, ICT systems and market access will be organized in the on-going SOTE reform, certain directions are already taking shape. The...

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15 June

The Rise of Ecosystems

The changing face of healthcare is altering traditional business models. People are put at the center when focus is shifted from acute to preventive care. This brings about new ways of thinking: people are empowered to take care of themselves based on information relevant to...

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13 June

The Future Wants You

In ten years, healthcare will look completely different in Finland, and you can be part of it. We are now searching for entrepreneurs and businesses that can imagine themselves as part of the health future. This means anything—from the forest industry, functional foods, wearables to...

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06 June

Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field

We had the opportunity to visit DLA Piper Finland and hear about their experiences applying artificial intelligence in the legal field. They are at the cutting edge by developing a platform called Kira, and pushing the implementation of the technology in the firm worldwide. They...

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01 June

Seeing Strengths

Finland is perfectly located to take advantage of global economic trends. As interest in the Arctic region heightens, logistic routes from Asia to Europe are being developed, and the ‘digital Silk Road’ takes off, Finland can benefit from being at the crossroads of all of...

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30 May


An interesting experiment is to find a child and explain what you do for a living. What would you say? Now that I’ve been the content creator at Amcham Finland for one month, I am balanced between being both out- and inside it. It’s a good...

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26 May

A Spectrum of Health

According to Managing Director Mikko Vasama, Philips is nowadays "100% health technology". Everything they now do can be linked back to health. This may come as a bit of a surprise, so we sat down to talk with him some more....

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22 May

Nordea and Launchpad USA Join Forces

Every growth company’s instinct is to seek new markets, business opportunities and business partners. As the largest economy and the biggest consumer market in the world, the U.S. has a strong appeal. To help companies enter the U.S. market, Nordea will now offer its customers...

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16 May

Fly High, Land Safely

If the authorities decide to make an unannounced inspection – is your company ready? Crisis management plans are important. They may save you your company and your career....

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20 March

Managing Your Diversity Portfolio

Fact: Multicultural teams outperform homogeneous ones. Fact: The addition of one “foreigner” to a team increases financial turnover. Fact: Cultural differences can enhance our work environments. But let’s be honest. It’s not always easy....

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17 March
Influencing in a Post-Truth World Blog

Influencing in a Post-Truth World

Corporate citizens have much to contribute. Now we know how they’d like to do it. We called up the Amcham membership to discuss how they think influencing should happen in today’s day and age. That’s a hot topic for several reasons....

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02 March