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Networking is like a pill. We might or might not like it but most times have to take it. Learning how to deal with it will just make it easier and gradually more pleasurable when the after effects are experienced.   With these six tips you can turn networking from a bitter pill into an energy boost.

1: Plan it

Increasingly, we connect with people through emails and e-meetings via social media. We jump in and out of conversations and add our two cents when necessary. Yes, it’s convenient but never really a substitute to face-to face meetings. For an enhanced networking experience, you need to be there and actually take time out of your schedule.

2: Take it seriously

Once you’re there, make your presence felt. That does not mean talking incessantly but making insightful comments when required.

3: Be yourself

When we project ourselves just the way we are, our most natural thoughts are expressed in an unaffected manner. It also helps us communicate and establish that all-important first impression.

4: Regard the person, not the title

The job title should be just that: a title and nothing more. It should never come in the way of you getting to know the person better. That said, the title could help you be aware of what topics to raise for discussion.

5: Be Generous

Be open to giving back and helping others. Networking is a two-way process! People appreciate a good turn and look forward to reciprocating. It also helps build your personal brand and will get you known for your positive attitude.

6: Enjoy it

Networking should ultimately be fun, rewarding and exciting.  The more you network, the bigger the number of interesting people you meet, and the more you will learn.  Every bit of learning is a step toward your personal development and growth.   Networking, although similar to a pill is not just any sedative or painkiller but rather an energizing vitamin. It is an essential supplement that when consumed regularly not only boosts your career but enriches your life.   For occasions to perfect your networking savvy, follow us on twitter and LinkedIn. For programs and networks, visit our programs page.

Harini Chari

Harini a lifetime Amchampion with fifteen years of international experience in corporate branding and marketing communications, Harini has worked with the International Advertising Association (New York), McCann Erickson, the Institute of Advertising (Singapore) and brands like L’Oreal, Tiffanys, Nestle. Harini has a Master’s degree in Advertising from Michigan State University and is a Reach (USA) Certified Personal Brand Strategist.