Amcham Finland is an international business-to-business network whose mission is to make Finland a more globally savvy and connected market. As a result, everyone benefits.


As an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and fully member-funded non-profit, Amcham is in a perfect position to move the needle. Indeed, Amcham stands for Ambition Champions.


In the words of management guru Brian Tracy, “it doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.”


Our question to you is: Where are you headed next?


How can Amcham best be part of your journey?



Think of Amcham as a resource. Each of our programs and networks offers a mix of leadership and business development, connections, advocacy and access to decision makers. On top of the direct company-specific value, Amcham improves the business environment for all members.





Amcham is not industry or nationality specific. We exist to facilitate international business.


Although some industries are more represented than others – ICT 17%, health and pharmaceutical 11%, and manufacturing 9.5% of the membership – they say more about the make-up of the Finnish economy and its ecosystems than about the membership.


Finland is our home turf so that’s where we can best support you. Amcham aspires to be a great access point to Finland for businesses and talent – and, with know-how and connections, a great place to launch global growth from.



Our operational culture is a clear break from traditional chambers of commerce – that’s why we call ourselves a business hub. An open and dynamic organization, Amcham is best described as a living, breathing organism that doesn’t stop evolving.


We are committed to the highest level of professionalism and service and always put our members first. Amcham’s operational language is English, the lingua franca of global business. Our team speaks several other languages, and the members many more.


Since member companies don’t walk around with a passport, we are not going to ask for one. If your business can derive value from the network and Amcham’s services, you are welcome to join us and become an instant insider.


Member companies




Events this year




Our member companies’ global presence guarantees a wide reach. As a member-centric organization, we strive to make the most of it every day. Already now, the network of hundreds of companies and 8,000 top executives generates a tremendous amount of insights, peer-support, connections, access, and funding. Every new member company is invited to add its unique value to the common good and help us as a community reach even further.


At any given time, we also boast a number of robust public-private partnerships. They are most typically formed on a project basis to ensure dynamism and timely results. Frequent project partners include the Team Finland organizations (Finnish ministries, embassies, and trade promotion agencies), local governments (City of Helsinki) and foreign embassies, to name just a few.


The same applies to business organizations and other non-profits including other Amchams. If we identify a common goal, we can partner up to create synergies and leverage every organization’s strengths. We rarely, however, formalize the partnerships.


The Amcham accreditation comes from the world’s largest and arguably most influential business organization, the U.S. Chamber, which is based in Washington, D.C. At the moment, the U.S. Chamber accredits 117 independent business networks in 103 countries with the Amcham credentials. They give the accredited the right to use the Amcham brand and membership in the network. It does not, however, entail any transfer of funds or reporting.



The board provides expert guidance as we continue to grow and capitalize on the developing Northern European market.



What goes around comes around.


At Amcham, much goes around. Activity levels are high and that feeds directly into member satisfaction. Member growth guarantees that you will always meet new peers. In fact, Amcham will often be the first place you have a chance to meet them since so many newcomers begin their journey into the market at Amcham.


Much has also come around.


The Global Investors’ Program, which brings together affiliate managers in Finland, has become a critical powerhouse for making the case for further inward investments. 120 companies have already joined forces through the program to share best practices and propose smart policy.


70 growth companies are breaking into the U.S. market through Amcham’s coaching and partnership program, Launchpad USA. They are getting such timely assistance from other Amcham members that now Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Croatian companies are also joining the program.


Leaders of publicly-traded, global Finnish companies have taken a strong role in passing on their insights and experience to the rest of the community and the economy at large.


Ongoing collaboration happens at the Nordic level as well. In 2016 – 17, the New North Forum will meet in Helsinki and Stockholm. Make sure your company’s Head of Nordics is part of this peer-to-peer network.


Let’s continue to develop the business relevance of these programs and recruit new interesting companies. Sharing is caring.




The Amcham Team


Joining Amcham is easy. All you have to do is fill out the application and send it our way. Though your membership is subject to the Board’s approval, we will typically activate your season ticket to international business within 2-3 working days. In no time, you’ll have access to the unique value that Amcham has to offer your enterprise.