Air France and KLM and Amcham Finland Sign Partnership

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Amcham Finland member companies’ ventures are spread across the globe. From Lapland to Patagonia, making deals and ensuring operational success means going wherever business happens.


Amcham Finland’s Global Investors’ Program and Launchpad USA Program are proud to announce a partnership with Air France and KLM, whose routes are expanding across Finland, the Nordics and globally. Air France and KLM offer the exciting Bluebiz Program that saves your company money and you hassle. Bluebiz also includes partner airline Delta, whose reach across North America and beyond means one program covers it all.


As technology has enabled teams to interact virtually, there is still a deep benefit to face-to-face meetings. Behind every technological advancement, creative breakthrough and business decision is a person. Meeting those people and building collaboration, trust and shared vision is best done face-to-face.


And those people are spread across the globe. Pack your bags, don’t forget your passport and phone charger, we’re off to do business!


Once your company has been signed up for the Bluebiz Program, credits accumulate company-wide and act like cash when purchasing flights. Credits can also be redeemed for benefits on flights, such as a more comfortable seat or meals.


Within the same company, tickets can be exchanged from one employee to another in case of a last-minute change in plans.


“Air France and KLM understands the importance of the corporate traveller and we have added cost-saving elements for companies,” says Martin Kotte, Senior Account Manager North Europe for Air France and KLM.


“Air France and KLM finds Amcham to be very professional with great tailor-made programs for companies looking to expand their business within or outside of Finland. It’s an important community where people and companies can share best practices to help one another to grow and to learn from each other’s mistakes. We find this community of great importance for growing in the local market and to also get feedback so that we can improve our services and products,” concludes Martin.


The Global Investors’ Program is a unique and dynamic network of around 150 foreign affiliates and their country managers. Together with this powerful and influential group, Amcham and its partners are shaping the investment environment, and building a strong vision for an international Finland that is pro-business and welcoming to foreign investors.


Launchpad USA is an Amcham flagship program consisting of 100+ actively engaged companies originating from the Nordic and Baltics countries, Croatia, Jamaica and USA. The program is designed to help growth companies successfully take their business to the U.S. market. The program does this by providing tailored advisory services, targeted networking between the growth companies and U.S. companies ready to assist them, and finally by providing to the growth companies the information they need to better understand the U.S. market.


“Our members spend a lot of time on the road. Not only to the U.S., but also to many other parts of the world. That is why it’s great to partner with an airline that is truly global like Air France and KLM. This partnership provides great benefits to our members that will make their travel easier both financially and logistically,” says Mike Klyszeiko, head of the Amcham Finland Launchpad USA Program.