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Latest Poll Predictions: No Clear Path Ahead


Guest blog article about future government predictions based on polling data.

Transatlantic Week in Brussels Begins: What is the State of Transatlantic Trade in 2019?


Amcham Finland has co-sponsored the publication of Transatlantic Economy 2019, a comprehensive annual survey on the state of the transatlantic economy.

How can we improve the Finnish e-commerce experience?


So far, Finland has failed to compete successfully in the online marketplace, yet the internet offers new opportunities for internationalization and opening services for larger markets.

Well done, Finland! But how can we improve our healthcare system?


Health industry investment and skilled workforce employment bring Finland tremendous economic benefit, as well as a higher standard of living for the nation's people.

Thank you for 2018, the year of member engagement!


In 2018, Amcham members attended 39 events and briefings on 14 different trends and topics, with 1,090 attendees and 21 speakers flown in from abroad.

The Limits of Outsourcing: Guest Blog by Dr. Mikko Laukkanen


While we can and should rely on experts for in-depth knowledge on many topics, any responsible leader must have a working understanding of technology and its application.

Insurance Matters for Finnish Companies Entering the U.S.


Susan Combs tells us why understanding and purchasing appropriate insurance in the U.S. matters for your Finnish business.

Amchampion of the Year: Elina Kivioja


As the Managing Director and CEO of Vattenfall Finland, Elina Kivioja uses extensive experience from various industries to make progressive decisions for Finland's environmental sustainability.

Rookie of the Year: 3DBear


Finnish EdTech growth company 3DBear is well on its way to pioneering the future of education through augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing for children.

Member of the Year: Air France KLM


With over 8 million people flying a day, the airline industry is at the pinnacle of customer experience practice. It’s also at the heart of Air France KLM’s mission and what makes them stand apart from the competition.

The Wheeling and Dealing of New York Real Estate


We talked to two top brokers and celebrities in their fields, Elissa Slan and Christine Traina of Douglas Elliman, the over 100-year-old international agency with global reach to find out what’s current in NYC real estate. 

Spaces Matter: International School of Helsinki


We recently visited the International School of Helsinki’s new Head of School, Kathleen Naglee, whose mission is to transform the school into a ‘compassionate space’ perfectly adapted for her students’ deep learning.

Law is a Team Sport


Dealy Silberstein & Braverman is a full-service law firm that provides high-level services in the areas of employment, litigation, general business, general business development, white collar investigations, securities and tax advice at very competitive prices with personal attention from lawyers. We met up with them in New York City.

Compliance Requirements of Market Abuse Regulation

23.07.2018|Advocacy, News|

Keith Kessel, Anti Money Laundering and Sanctions Senior Expert and Business Analyst at member company Nordea, has written a blog to make the Amcham community aware of the important EU Market Abuse Regulation ("MAR"). 

Nordic Midsummer Getaway in the Middle of the Big Apple


So, here’s the question: when does summer start? It varies according to culture and climate. In the Nordic tradition, Midsummer is celebrated at the time of summer solstice, around the 24th of June (“From here on it will only get darker, winter is on its way.”).

Amchampion Awards 2018


Register For Event Here Amcham Finland’s annual Amchampion Awards, taking place on August 30 this year, is our way [...]

Improvement from Broadway to D.C. to Helsinki


    Scott Miller visited the Amcham Finland offices a while back to train the team in his communication skills technique, which is based on breathing. He's honed it through [...]

Startups and Corporations: A Tricky Combination


  We recently had Rishi Chowdhury, Co-Founder of Momentum London and IncuBus Ventures, visiting Amcham Finland to present and take part in a panel discussion together with Miikka Kataja, Head [...]

Do We (Really) Support Innovation?


Finland is globally known for its pro-innovation policies. However, whether or not we really support innovation is often tested in the details and technicalities that, in practice, regulate and perhaps stifle innovation.

Cracking the IT Talent Code


IT positions not only take tech skills, but also people skills and business savvy. A coder must interact productively with a team, but also communicate with, hear and implement the needs of the client.

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Securing Our Cyber Future


What do Finnish first graders, business leaders, and the Ministry of Defence have in common? They’re all intimately involved in Finland’s cyber security strategy. Each child must be trained to [...]

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Empower Yourself!


To secure your position as a dynamic communicator and leader of people, it is worth investing the time to listen carefully to experts, internalize what they teach, and use it [...]

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Air France KLM and Amcham Finland Sign Partnership


Amcham Finland and Air France KLM signed a partnership last year. We’re proud of their leading efforts in sustainability and innovative Co2Zero compensation service, which enables passengers to compensate for [...]

Get Your Facts to Pitch Finland Right


From an investor’s perspective, there has been a need for an up-to-date overview of the Finnish economic climate. What are the facts on the ground? What is changing, and how? [...]

Brexit and the Importance of Continuity


Following a fantastically enjoyable visit to Finland a few weeks ago to discuss the UK Government’s approach to our future trade policy, I have been reflecting on the importance of [...]

Stop Being Afraid and Start Loving E-Commerce


Recently, Amcham Finland hosted the event ‘Stay on Top of the E-Commerce Shake-Up’ in order to outline the concrete steps Finnish companies can take to transform with the changing face [...]

Health as a Business Case


Member company Aino Health Management’s business model is to show that proactive, preventative healthcare and well-being is in the interest of HR departments and companies overall. They’ve developed tools by which data can be harnessed to help employees remain healthy and content and hence productive and engaged. In the context of global markets, companies can’t afford to lose out on this productivity.

Maturin Tchoumi Leads Roche through Finland’s Tipping Point


Maturin Tchoumi, General Manager for the pharmaceutical giant Roche in Finland, is on a journey. It has taken him from his family farm in Cameroon to Tours, France for a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences; Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire; Johannesburg, South Africa; San Francisco Bay Area, USA; and most recently Mumbai, India. He arrived in Finland eight weeks ago to fine-tune his leadership skills in a European context through another senior leadership position.

A New York Gentleman’s State of Mind


A long-time friend to Amcham Finland and Amchampion of the Year nominee, Michael Student is Counsel in the Corporate Department of Sullivan & Worcester’s New York City office located on Broadway at Times Square. His first trip to Finland was in 1987, and he has represented many Finnish companies in the U.S. since then.

The I’m Blue Crew Makes a Good Brew


Most of our readers are experienced business men and women. But are you entrepreneurs? How would you fare with the following challenge? Along with a few likeminded strangers, throw EUR 40 each into a pot. Then build a successful business using only that money as capital.

Connecting the Dots to Create Value


It was a hot, summer day in gorgeous Tuscany. We arrived in a small village in Chianti, where we’d heard there was an amazing ice cream place. Driving around, we searched, but had no luck. We had already given up when suddenly – there it was, right in front of us. I had lime-basil ice cream, something I’d never imagined as a combination, but it worked: delicious.

Finland’s Gateway to the World


Helsinki Airport (HEL) is the best-connected airport in the Nordics, which gives a competitive advantage to the Finnish economy is some unforeseen ways. Tourism, of course, brings cash flow into the country, but it’s the ripple effect of connectedness, which induces corporations to set up regional headquarters here, for example, that may have the biggest effect on the Finnish economy. If you’re a director of a Beijing-based company (PEK), you might enjoy knowing you can make it home from Helsinki in 7.5 hours.

Finland Needs a Public-Private Ecosystem to Utilize SOTE (Health and Social Services) Data Pools


  At the end of August, the Finnish government decided in its budget to fund an authority that oversees access to and use of social and health care data. Legislation [...]

Meet the Member of the Year: Borenius


Borenius Attorneys Ltd has won the Member of the Year award at this year’s Amchampion Awards due to their activeness in providing their expertise, networks, resources and insights to the community. They know how to get the most out of Amcham. Congratulations!

Steelcase Comes in Swinging


Steelcase, winner of this year’s Amchampion Awards’ Rookie of the Year award, has entered the Finnish market swinging. Congratulations!

Egbert Schram Is the Amchampion of the Year


When one thinks of the most globally savvy person in Finland, Egbert Schram comes to mind – and with the data and statistics to back it up. On top of his cultural awareness, garnered through a career of helping businesses make the most of cultural differences, it’s his generosity and excellent use of the Amcham Finland community as a resource that have earned him this year’s Amchampion of the Year award. Congratulations!

And the Winner Is…


When you are an Amcham member, you are telling the world that you work for a modern company with a global outlook; that you stand for a can-do and problem-solving attitude towards business. You believe that business is stronger when done together and that it’s important to bring intensity and energy to your work. Community is more than just a buzz word.

Oliver Rittgen is a Powerhouse


Oliver Rittgen has been a formidable powerhouse in Finland over the past six and a half years. During that time, as CEO of Bayer Nordic based out of Espoo, he’s grown the company to new heights. Bayer is now a central player in the aim to make Finland the life science hub of Europe, and much of this is due to Rittgen’s insights, determination and vision. Now, he is moving on to a new position. Congratulations!

New CEO, New Beginnings


The Board of Directors has appointed Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson as the new CEO of Amcham Finland. We warmly welcome Alexandra to her new position! She will start working September 1 part time remotely from Texas and full time in Helsinki starting January 1, 2018.

Getting Ready for the Next Government Agenda


The next Finnish government – if all goes as usual – will start its term around the summer of 2019. It may seem like there is an abundance of time to prepare for the next government negotiations, but it’s an illusion. All the planning, coalition-building and general preparation are already underway. One could say that the next government has already started its work.

Women in Business – Top Ten Tips


What is the status of women in business in Finland and globally? As a woman, what challenges do you face in the workplace? And what are your success stories that we can learn from?

SOTE Means Business


When you’re remodeling your apartment, you don’t think, “this is going to look awful.” Instead, you think, “It’s up to me; I’m going to make it amazing!” This is how Ville Koiste, Specialist for the Capacity for Renewal at SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund, summed up SOTE (the Health and Social Care Reform) at a Life Science Group event recently.

The Rise of Ecosystems


The changing face of healthcare is altering traditional business models. People are put at the center when focus is shifted from acute to preventive care. This brings about new ways of thinking: people are empowered to take care of themselves based on information relevant to them as individuals.

The Future Wants You


  In ten years, healthcare will look completely different in Finland, and you can be part of it. Do you have an idea that could be developed with the right [...]

Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field


  Our legal committee gathered together to continue discussions about themes related to digitalization, the topic throughout the year. We had the opportunity to visit DLA Piper Finland and hear [...]



Amcham Finland is a community of people that advances the exchange of all sorts of things in Finland and beyond: goods, services, experiences, knowledge, relationships and much more. It facilitates people being part of the world in a more meaningful way. It’s a door-opener and connector: a way to meet others, who in turn open new possibilities. We drive our members’ interests at nearly all levels—from the intimately personal to the hard facts and cold dollar bills.

A Spectrum of Health


According to Managing Director Mikko Vasama, Philips is nowadays “100% health technology”. Everything they now do can be linked back to health. This may come as a bit of a [...]

Nordea and Launchpad USA Join Forces


Nordea has signed a year-long agreement with Amcham Finland’s Launchpad USA program. Launchpad USA offers business assistance in entering the U.S. market based on real-life experience, practical know-how and insight into the market. Launchpad USA has successfully helped nearly one hundred businesses from the Nordics and Baltics to prepare and establish themselves in the U.S. market. Recently, the program has also been established in Croatia and Jamaica.

It’s Time to Rethink Political Affairs and Lobbying!


For a few years now, people trying to influence political processes may have been thinking, what the h*** has been going on? Back in the good ol’ days it was enough to know the few key players and contact them. Being on top of your game was pretty easy.

Seeking an Ecosystem Where Innovation, Skills and No Small Talk Intertwine?


Helsinki is a beautiful and efficient city, but it lacks the joie de vivre of some of its bigger European siblings. Let’s face it: for about eight months of the year, Helsinki is a miserable place to live, thanks to the challenging climate. So why then do we love it?

Real World Evidence – The Competitive Edge


The latest LSG roundtable was all about data. We know data is important, but we want to collect it better. We came up with some answers, and (spoiler alert) Finland plays a major role.

Now, Bring Home the Power


What will it take for Helsinki to successfully compete for global companies’ Northern European headquarters? A group of Amcham executives is ready to dig out the answer.

The 2017 Amchampion Awards Nominees


Every year we are privileged to recognize those that have really gone above and beyond – those Amchampions who have taken it upon themselves to go the extra mile in improving the business environment and facilitating Amcham’s mission.

Six Big Questions About Sanctions Answered


Get your head around global trade and the world of sanctions. Leading Finnish expert Marja Boman of Eversheds took our questions.

Fly High, Land Safely


If the authorities decide to make an unannounced inspection – is your company ready? Crisis management plans are important. They may save you your company and your career.

Managing Your Diversity Portfolio


Fact: Multicultural teams outperform homogeneous ones. Fact: The addition of one “foreigner” to a team increases financial turnover. Fact: Cultural differences can enhance our work environments. But let’s be honest. It’s not always easy.

Influencing in a Post-Truth World


Corporate citizens have much to contribute. Now we know how they’d like to do it. We called up the Amcham membership to discuss how they think influencing should happen in today’s day and age. That’s a hot topic for several reasons.

Be the Edge


Where are you grooming your talent? We mean, your talent! Personally. We hope you feel proud when there’s new investment coming to your neck of the woods. Because all things being equal, it is talent that attracts investment. That’s the critical factor. So, smile.

Digital Paradox: You Need the Face Time


It was so useful to talk about digital transformation that the seventeen C.E.O.s in the room swore to continue the dialogue. “Top management is not really up to speed about the digital disruption.” That’s what Petteri Poutiainen, Salesforce’s Country Manager in Finland, hears quite frequently.

Hot Cool Brand


Michel Dallemagne has done it with Dove, Sunsilk and TRESemme. Now the freshly minted C.E.O. is building a global brand for Lumene. Michel makes it clear right off the bat. There are some must-get-rights of successful branding.

Digitalization: To Boldly Go Beyond the Buzzword


Digitalization, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence are the “next big thing” in technology and trade. They’re expected to fundamentally transform various industry functions and our everyday lives much like the industrial revolution once did, but a lot quicker.

Positively Different: Finland’s Young Professionals


Finland’s got everything employers are looking for: an abundance of highly educated, experienced and capable young talent. Companies, however, could use an extra dose of courage to realize its potential.

The Winner Shares It All


Collaboration is not just the best way to excel in today’s world – it’s the only way, says OP’s Jouko Pölönen.

Savvy and Connected


How can we make Finland a more globally savvy and connected market? That’s what we as a business community asked ourselves four years ago. The answer was: By making Amcham a true international business hub that enables the success of its members and, as a consequence, of the market as a whole.

Promoting Change in 2017


You have come to know Amcham as a champion of inward investment and top talent. As the new Head of Advocacy, I’m happy to assure you that that is the one thing that is not going to change.

New Year Brings Nordic Expansion


With opening up an office in Stockholm, Amcham will be closer to its growing membership in the Scandinavian countries.

Health Business Calls for New Ventures


On December 13, Amcham Finland launched a new project in the life-science industry. The LS Growth Project is staffed with seasoned business-development professionals, who will systematically spot, vet and connect health-sector companies. The goal is to facilitate ecosystem innovation across industries. In other words, the experts look to prompt the companies to launch completely new businesses in sweet spots that have until now gone unnoticed or at least untapped.

The Catalyst That Means Business


The new Life Science Group gives companies business-development support they thought they’d never have.

The Latest From Launchpad USA


2016 marks another year of growth for the Launchpad USA program – in Finland, the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Making Sense of the Trump Victory


The past days have been intense and emotional. Here are some thoughts to close the historic week and to position ourselves for the upcoming changes.

Half of the Answer to the World’s Problems


As of this year, only 4.6% of S&P 500 companies had female CEOs. That’s 45.4% of female leadership we’re missing out on. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a study that does not support diversity in any kind of team environment. Amcham’s most recent Women’s Network on Life-Changing Moments in Leadership featured two distinguished individuals with impressive backgrounds as leaders.

New Top Expertise at Amcham


Got your Brexit, product launch and advocacy figured out? Don’t worry. As the markets move, so do we. Meet our new team members.

Military Procurements Call for Smart Resourcing


Asko Lindqvist is confident in Finland’s operational and technical competency to carry out the SQ2020 and HX Fighter Program procurements and highlights the importance of focusing upon the commercial and [...]

The Military-Industrial Complex


Desperate times call for desperate measures, and often times, brilliant innovation. A robust system of checks and balances is how we remain resilient in times of desperation.

The Finnish Mystery: Why So Little FDI?


Finland outperforms the rest of the EU when it comes to having an attractive climate for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). So far, Finland hasn’t been able to transform the favourable policy framework into significant FDI inflows. Finland thus foregoes much needed capital, jobs, and knowledge.

The Wait Is Over. Finland’s Education System Travels.


Thanks to new technology, the successes of the Finnish education system can finally be implemented worldwide. Ever since Finland ranked at the top of the international education comparison PISA in [...]

Top Five Trends in Global M&A


Amcham’s most recent Executive Forum followed the story of Panu Routila, C.E.O. of Konecranes and his first 100 days managing the company.

Make an Issue Personal. Then Change the World.


We wanted to learn from the best, so we went to Washington, D.C. Lo and behold, the “personal touch” is now all the rave in lobbying.

An Unlikely Match? Rauli Mård Wins Amchampion of the Year


Through Amcham, Rauli Mård found a professional team, entered the U.S. market and scaled up his artist-centric business. Now he’s the Amchampion of the Year 2016. It all started two [...]

Rookie of the Year Blic Advocates with Amcham


Member company Blic has been instrumental in beefing up Amcham’s advocacy arm. It’s no wonder, the community elected the newcomer Rookie of the Year 2016. The network works on a [...]

On a Mission With Member of the Year Hanken & SSE


Hanken & SSE provides world-class executive education and has made diversity top of their agenda. Amcham has proved to be a fitting platform to help them do both!

Russian Trade Is Booming Again. Online.


Incredibly, it’s now easier than ever to reach Russian consumers. They shop online. Finland figured out the logistics.

The Active Season? What’s That?


It’s your calendar in Global Business Smarts for the next ten months. But the Active Season is also a navigation tool that will help us know what you need – and you to know where to go next.

The China Factor – the Thing to Watch in Global M&A


The merger of Finnish Konecranes and American Terex was affected by an unsolicited bid by a Chinese interloper. This is the new reality, says Johannes Piha, the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Borenius.

U.S. Visas – Dos and Don’ts


Applying for a U.S. visa for yourself or your company does not have to be a daunting task. If you plan well and choose the right visa, you can expect the process to go smoothly.

Is Diverse Also Better? (Or Just More Fun) Part 3


The Amcham team represents six nationalities: American, British, Canadian, Estonian, Finnish and Greek. (Over the years, we’ve had fourteen of them. And six religions. And seven mother tongues.)

The 2016 Amchampion Awards Nominees


It’s that time of year again – the annual Amchampion Awards are here! We’re proud to have had a record year, welcoming an impressive number of diverse additions to our [...]

Finnish Politics Gets a Facelift


This weekend was full of excitement for political junkies, with three national parties choosing a new leader, and plenty of new policy directions taken by four.

Industrial Participation as a Business Concept


Compensation in military procurement – a transaction concept that could well be worth knowing.

Reaching Higher with Ari Huusela


A man, his boat, and the best-laid plans.

Guru Gives Recipe for Creating Value


Clear clutter. Reduce friction. Build capability. Channel energy.

Amchampioning the Success of Women


In business, your network is your superpower. Joining and contributing in women’s networks is one way to make you an instant insider, in whatever it is you want to do.

Changing the World, One Company at a Time


We’re seeing a new bold generation of thinkers and doers. They don’t complain, they lead the way and put their heads, hearts and hands in the game. They come up with solutions and inspire people they talk with.

Uncertainty Stifling Business


83% of Amcham executives say their business has been negatively impacted by the recent political and economic uncertainty in Europe.

Setting Up Shop on the U.S. Market


In New York real estate, every detail has a price tag. Be it the jungle of jurisdictional, state and federal rules and regulations governing how to install electricity, to how [...]

The U.S. Elections – What’s in It for You?


As the race to the parties’ national conventions in the United States intensifies, the election is everywhere. It’s entertaining, for sure. But is there also a professional reason a business person in Europe should take time to understand an election happening 5,000 miles away?

Globally Savvy? Now Get Nordified!


This week it’s been exceptionally easy to see where the world is going. Every company I’ve spoken with is busy nordifying itself.

Interested in the Finnish Market? Here’s Your Legal Guide.


To help foreign companies navigate the market, we’ve put our heads together with our experts to create a comprehensive legal guide.

Is Diverse Also Better? (Or Just More Fun) Part 2


The Amcham team represents six nationalities: American, British, Canadian, Estonian, Finnish and Greek. (Over the years, we’ve had fourteen of them. And six religions. And seven mother tongues.) According to research, organizations with more diversity in their workforce grow and outperform those with less.

Vision for Finland: Widening Our Scope


A resilient nation, full of potential, approaches its 100th birthday. There is a good number of things we’ve achieved in just 100 years. At this time of reflection, we also set our sights on the future.

5 Ways to Make Helsinki a Hub for HQs


How do you measure the economic importance of a city? One widely-accepted metric is a city’s ability to attract global and regional headquarters. Compared to other Nordic countries, Finland is trailing behind, but not for lack of potential.

New Board – Terrific Competencies


The ten-year-old Amcham Finland community can once more boast a new exciting cadre of leaders.

Is Diverse Also Better? (Or Just More Fun) Part 1


The Amcham team represents six nationalities: American, British, Canadian, Estonian, Finnish and Greek. (Over the years, we’ve had fourteen of them. And six religions. And seven mother tongues.) According to research, organizations with more diversity in their workforce grow and outperform those with less.

The Blocks Are There. Now Build.


Get a ride, find a place to sleep, listen to some music. Trivial? Definitely. And often a basis for a successful, ground-breaking business plan.

Ethical and Luxurious – Sustainable Finnish Fashion at NYFW


The Nordics have a great reputation when it comes to the ethical, sustainable production of goods.

Share Your Vision


We believe in openness, so let’s let air in. Things could be better. Not too long ago, the air was filled with optimism. The drive for internationalization in Finland and [...]

Finland: Defence in Extreme Conditions


Finland’s unique geography has shaped the way Finnish defence has and continues to develop. Here are some key facts that help illustrate how the country is so well-positioned. Be a [...]

RRML Capital Resources Aids in Commercial Lending


It is certainly not easy these days to get a loan for your business or company.

Vision for Finland: New Cross-Fertilization between Industry and Academia


Meet Kalervo Väänänen, Rector of the University of Turku and seasoned academic who knows a thing or two about bringing the worlds of research and business together. What would a man with such a background prescribe for a nation striving to move towards growth?

Why are Nordic companies so hot? – An American perspective


The love affair between the U.S. market and Nordic growth companies is intensifying. We asked Chris Moschovitis, a U.S.-based Amcham Finland member, why. The answer may surprise you.

More sales. Less stress.


With B2B sales becoming more fiercely competitive, businesses are forced to look for ways to improve their sales teams’ proficiency and efficiency. By any means necessary?

Three things to know about car-sharing


The Amcham team now has a “company car.” More precisely, we in the team have started to share a car provided by Hertz between us.

The key to business success in the US? Selecting the right partners.


Meet Ceridwen Koski, an immigration lawyer specializing in European and Nordic companies. Although she calls Denver home, Ceridwen conducts business across the USA from NYC to Silicon Valley and became an Amcham Finland member in November 2014; almost immediately after the New York City office was established.

Protecting code is the new must


Imagine building a company and working on its brand and product for years only to notice that someone has replicated your business.

An Unforgettable 10th Birthday Bash


The past ten years have brought tribulations but also successes. It has been a decade of milestones, adventures and memories. We can hardly wait to see what the future holds for this vibrant, warm community.

Welcome to Slush 2015!


1,700 startups, 700 investors and 200 speakers. Those are Slush 2015’s impressive numbers.

Change Ignites Innovation: UPM capitalizing on industry shifts


Last year was a big year for UPM, the Finnish frontrunner in the bio and forest industry. In January of 2015, they opened the world’s first wood-based renewable biorefinery in Lappeenranta, Finland.

Life Science: Finland’s thriving business sector


If you hear the word biobank, what image does it conjure? You might think of a lab, sterile and white, or quite literally envision samples of bio materials in test tubes. For Bayer, an international Life Science company hailing from Germany, it means research and business opportunities.

Get the Edge – Improve Productivity


Meet Efecte – a member company that both provides and breaths efficiency. We had a chance to speak with C.E.O. Sakari “Sakke” Suhonen.

From Good to Excellent Board Practices (Part 2)


Jorma Eloranta is a board member in four companies of which he chairs three. The net sales of these companies was 20 billion euros last year. His last executive position was the President and CEO of Metso Corporation. He also serves as the Chair of Directors’ Institute of Finland.

From Good to Excellent Board Practices (Part 1)


Last week, Amcham welcomed Jorma for an early morning breakfast. This breakfast marked the launch of a program titled “From Good to Excellent.”

Employee with a pulse – do you still need one?


Are robots more valuable than humans? As we make our way through this digitalized age, one thing becomes apparent: jobs are being eliminated by the minute. New technologies are doing human jobs more quickly, efficiently and correctly. Machines make no errors. But now, robots are replacing a different sector of the human workforce – knowledge.

Rehn’s Action Plan – Streamlining investments to Finland


Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn has a reputation as one the most tenacious and organized Commissioners of the European Union. This was made apparent when he was leading the Economic policy in Brussels.

Headache with insurance? This Insurance Vixen will cure you!


Meet Susan Combs. A Mizzou Tiger, a half-marathoner, a public speaker, and an active sports enthusiast. She’s also a super hero of sorts as she battles against the labyrinth of pitfalls and particularities that dot the US business landscape. In fact, she is also known as the Insurance Vixen.

New U.S. home in the heart of NYC, Times Square


Companies from Finland and the other Nordic countries now have an even better landing pad in the U.S. market as the Helsinki-based, b-to-b network Amcham Finland moves its New York operations into bigger premises in Times Square.

Multi-sector Cooperation is the Key to Successful Sustainable Development


Five Finnish companies – Kotipizza, Finnair, Neste, Fortum, and Metsä Group – showcased their cutting-edge innovations and the progressiveness of their home market of Finland today in New York City. The companies discussed the business advantages they have gained through progressive practices and proceeding all regulations with their proactive approaches.

Business Destination: Finland


There are a multitude of compelling reasons to invest in Finland. Need some concrete facts to sway you? Read on to find out why you need to take a closer look at this country.

America: Now What?


A country of five million people compared to a country of 350 million people.

Season of the Startup – Road to Slush 2015


In a little over two months, Helsinki will be the talk of the town when thousands of tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and journalists from around the world will meet for the largest tech startup event outside of Silicon Valley – Slush.

Finnish Supreme Court pierces the corporate veil in multimillion-euro case


As a rule, corporations are treated as separate legal entities. This means its shareholders, parent or sister companies, subsidiaries or affiliates, are generally not responsible for its debts.

Backstage business at Finland’s premier airshow


Where can you look if you want to see some of the most exciting tech advancements? To the skies, of course!

Talent shortage there – talent surplus here


Skills shortages around the world show no signs of abating, as employers continue to struggle to find the talent they need. But Finland may just have an upper hand.

Cool tech, hot startups – Launchpad’s new recruits


Business and investment opportunities – just like Amcham – are borderless. For investors, the Nordic countries are often seen as one.

Nordic by Nature: CEOs united on investment front


Mature. Competitive. Early adopters. These are just some characteristics that give businesses in the Nordic countries an edge. The trend towards Nordification, however, goes beyond company traits. It’s the rapid transformation of national markets into one Nordic economy – a place we call the New North.

Can your lawyer keep your secrets?


Confiding fully in your lawyer without having what you disclose used against you is a cornerstone of the legal profession. Clients and legal professionals alike can take it for granted that what they discuss freely won’t later be disclosed to authorities.

Raising the Bar: Amcham’s Legal Committee


Maria Troberg felt slightly nervous as a junior associate amongst the cadre of senior lawyers at her first Amcham Legal committee meeting.

Finland’s got foreign talent? Attracting skilled workers


Canadian Alexandre Marchand, 25, is the kind of immigrant Finland needs more of: highly-trained and hard-working. However, the bureaucracy in Finland does not always make life easy.

A one-stop shop for FDI? The Finnish Parliamentary Elections


When it comes to attracting foreign direct investment, Finland continues to fall further behind its Nordic neighbors. Last year, out of U.S. investments – the largest investor to the region – Norway attracted 46% and Sweden 37% but Finland only 2%.

Where should a Nordic growth company set up in the U.S.?


“The Silicon Valley is not right for everyone,” says Mike Klyszeiko, who helps Nordic companies to the U.S. market. We asked him why.

Huippuosaaminen – kupla vai mahdollisuus?


Suomessa pitäisi olla vapaana harvinaisen paljon huippuosaamista. Kuitenkin meillä on liki yhdeksän prosentin työttömyys, eivätkä ulkomaiset investoijat suoranaisesti revi ihmisiä käsistä.

Sky High with Finnair – Amcham’s Rookie of the Year


Helsinki – the gateway between Asia, America and Europe – is a fast developing business, logistics and transport hub. Infrastructure developments and increased air traffic is helping Finland open up [...]

Full speed ahead for Amcham Member of the Year


Lockheed Martin may be a global player in aerospace, defense and security, but it’s more than the Defense Industry Dialogue that makes Amcham its Nordic landing pad. International Business Development [...]

On Target: Inkeri Mentzoni is Amchampion of the Year


Do you know the feeling? You are excited and eager to take on a new challenge but have no clue where to start. Discussing ideas with your peers can be a great first step and one that Amcham can help you take.

Amchampion Award Winners 2015


The Board of Directors is proud to announce yet another set of outliers in the Amcham community. Click the links below to find out more about these Amchampions.

Get it right by taking the steps


“US-access is a bit like a game of Monopoly,” says Mike Klyszeiko, who runs the Launchpad USA program. Really?

Digital Dream or Online Nightmare?


During 2014, it became clear that the safest place for your information is in the analog world – digital means public.

Where global investors meet


Jobs, growth and development – foreign investors are a resource worth tapping into.

An Ombudsman for FDI? Amcham Finland explains why


Finland consistently tops global anti-corruption polls, but when it comes to making fast and transparent decisions related to foreign direct investment, the bureaucratic process is often drawn-out and murky.

New North, New Opportunities: Launchpad USA expands to Estonia


Amcham Finland’s network is set to grow thanks to a new partnership with AmCham Estonia that will help more companies succeed in the world’s largest consumer market.

Champions aren’t made in gyms! Your Amcham Award nominees


There’s something about them. They are thought leaders, they are creative and they are great entrepreneurs. They are the individuals, companies and newcomers, who go above and beyond to improve the business environment for the whole community.

Prime Minister Stubb’s Assistant takes Amcham behind the scenes


Your boss is one of Finland’s busiest people – the prime minister. As his assistant, you are on call 24/7. What’s it like to juggle the schedule? How do you make time for the most critical items? Do you get any down time?

Santa in HEL? Business backs Helsinki Airport rebrand


Helsinki-Vantaa airport could become Helsinki-Santa airport in a bid to capitalize on Finland’s most famous resident.

One network, two locations: President Sauli Niinistö opens Amcham office in NYC


The doors are open. The ribbon is cut. Amcham’s member companies have a new foothold on American soil. The office, at 65 Broadway, is their go-to hub at the epicenter of the world’s biggest market.

Shaping Finland’s future – a discussion with Minister for Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka


Practical ways of boosting Finland’s competitiveness to offset the shrinking share from Russia were raised when business leaders met with Minister Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka.

Charles Adams seeks to advance economic ties


Championing the transatlantic trade partnership will be a key priority for America’s ambassador-designate to Finland. International tax and policy lawyer Mr. Charles Adams has been nominated for the posting by U.S. President Barack Obama.

Summer time growth


Before moving to Finland four years ago, I had lived my whole life in warm sunny California.

Guggenheim Helsinki in the New York Times


The Guggenheim Helsinki would boost business, investment and economic growth. Despite the benefits the iconic contemporary art museum presents, debate about its future continues. Read more about Amcham’s position in the New York Times.

Movers and Shakers.


They are fresh, creative, dynamic, and increasing in numbers. Come and meet the trailblazers who are making tracks in the U.S.

Trail blazing the American Dream


They are fresh, creative, dynamic, and increasing in numbers. They are young companies, aiming for fast development in the world’s largest consumer market, and beyond. Come and meet some of the faces from our Launchpad USA community.

Trespass Helsinki


Developments are underway to turn Helsinki into a transport hub of the future. The gateway between Asia and the west. Find out how business is already capitalizing on this emerging ecosystem.

My kitchen rules


Magisso is a Finnish brand on a mission: to create innovative functional design products and place them in every kitchen in America.

Rail Baltica – the opportunity of a lifetime


Get ready to think big. The most ambitious transportation project of all time is coming to a city near you. Just imagine what a massive underwater rail tunnel and super-fast connections through Europe could do to your life. We’re already working on it.

Guggenheim wants Helsinki. Why?


Let’s forget the lively discussion on whether Helsinki should welcome a new museum of modern art. Let’s just focus on why the Guggenheim foundation is interested in picking Helsinki in the first place. After all, if Guggenheim is interested, should you be, too? Right?

How to ride change in 2014


Everything seems to be shifting: the way we work, connect, play, and buy. Staying in the game is a taxing demand.

Data privacy – protect or perish!


When was the last time your organization had a data privacy health check? Prepare for the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Get your game plan right with the GAP! Apply now.


If you like the myth of the lone, rogue entrepreneur beating the odds, we wish you the best of luck. If however you’d like to take on the world by smartly maximizing your chances of success, we’d like to propose a program called GAP!

Your Social Network


How can you make social media work in your favor? Consider these four things before getting started.

Running the mobile future


So, how does the acquisition of Nokia’s cellphone business by Microsoft look to the Finns? Nokia is, after all, the pride of an entire nation.

Join the action with a special offer


With the new Launchpad USA program, we believe every company should have full access to the many exciting opportunities it provides for growth companies – and all of us.

Building trust between 1,15 billion people


How do you translate an organization’s core values into a content strategy?

Take it from Bruce: The hub is here.


He’s a guy who is used to looking at things from a business angle. As an ambassador, he is not just taking his own advice. His job is to tell [...]

Countdown to the USA is on


Has your company set its eyes on the US market? Great. Join the club.

Get the American Business Experience in Finland – Call Mike!


What do you want when going to the US market? Someone who’s been there, done that? Meet Mike Klyszeiko. Mike joined the Amcham team last spring. His big mission: to [...]

6 ways to make networking work for you!


Networking is like a pill. We might or might not like it but most times have to take it. Learning how to deal with it will just make it easier and gradually more pleasurable when the after effects are experienced.   With these six tips you can turn networking from a bitter pill into an energy boost.

The United States boosts Helsinki as a regional hub


The US government is opening a USD 125 million business building in downtown Helsinki. The space is a one-of-a-kind tool to enhance trade and investment between the United States and Europe at the center of the rapidly developing Northern European market.