Proposal to Improve Environmental Permitting of Investments and Remove Red Tape

As part of the implementation of Amcham Finland’s FDI Vision Report published in 2021an Environmental Permitting and Red Tape impact group was set up to identify the key shortcomings of the Finnish environmental licensing system and to look at how to solve them without compromising the level of environmental and biodiversity protection.

The concrete recommendations that will increase regulatory certainty, transparency and predictability, were published on the 13th of June 2022. We thank the chair of our impact group Casper Herler, Managing Partner at Borenius and the members of the group for their commitment and leadership.

Read Helsingin Sanomat article on the proposal here

Read the recommendations in Finnish here and here.

Read the recommendations in English here.

For more information contact:

Rosa Thurman

Director of Foreign Affiliate Services and Sustainability

+358 45 699 599

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