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Amcham Finland’s annual Amchampion Awards, taking place on August 30 this year, is our way of kicking off the Active Season, with events taking place at a furious pace.

The greatest innovations come from the marriage of two distinct areas, be they industries, applications or ways of thinking. Your Amcham community is an excellent place to meet and discuss with colleagues from a wide spectrum of businesses. Take advantage of it!

The Amchampion Awards highlight those members that have both utilized the Amcham community to their own advantage by being active, but also given back through sharing know-how. It’s the community’s exchange of expertise that allows Amcham Finland to fulfill its mission to help you, our members, succeed in the business-critical moments that matter.

And this year’s nominees are…

Rookie of the Year Award

3D Bear

Using Amcham Finland’s Launchpad USA program for concrete, hands-on assistance on entering the US market, 3D Bear is now also unleashing the future of 3D learning in the USA. They develop pedagogic learning modules for 3D printing, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in the classrooms for K-12, vocational training, adult education and libraries/maker spaces.

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet

In addition to being a national arts institution, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet teams up with Amcham to put on spectacular events and shares knowledge on harnessing the creative process with other members. They know execution, aesthetics, passion and the power of connecting with the human soul.

Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki

Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki not only serves fantastic, American-style food, they’re also a highly professional event venue with top-notch equipment and execution. The vibe has been incredible each time Amcham has partnered with them. Environments matter, and thinking becomes more lucid when the body is at ease. Hard Rock Cafe has been generous in allowing members to experience this insight first-hand.

Member of the Year Award

Merilampi Attorneys

A good lawyer is wise, composed, and has done all the possible homework beforehand. Merilampi Attorneys, as a firm, personify the good lawyer. They’ve assisted in running Amcham’s Legal Group, which gathers to discuss how the legal field intersects with megatrends, and taken those discussions to the broader community through, for example, discussions on how the GDPR will affect innovation in Finland.


Reaktor is a creative technology company. Basically, what they do is scour the world for problems and then get a bunch of extremely smart people together to apply technology to solving those problems. They have a lot of fun in the process. They have worked with the Amcham community in a number of areas where the thinking needs to be outside the box for creative digital applications.

Air France KLM

Air France KLM has partnered with Amcham to offer members the exciting BlueBiz Program that saves your company money and you hassle, and leads the industry in sustainability with the innovative Co2Zero compensation service to neutralize your flight’s carbon footprint. They’ve used the Amcham membership for broad visibility through blogs, social media and events. They’ve recently re-entered the Finnish market with a Sales Manager for Finland & the Baltics; congratulations!

Amchampion of the Year Award

Unlike the other categories, the Amchampion of the Year Award goes to an individual. These members have shown outstanding dedication by harnessing the power of the Amcham community to the benefit of their companies. They’ve made connections, gained insights and innovated through cross-industry dialogue. As a part of this process, they’ve also shared their own know-how in ways that allows other member companies and individuals to succeed. Dynamic, inspirational and incredibly active, this year’s nominees are: Elina Kivioja, Managing Director CEO of Vattenfall Finland; Ella Mikkola, Partner at Bird & Bird; and Ceri Koski, Shareholder at Ogletree Deakins.

Congratulations to all the nominees! We look forward to seeing all of you at the Amchampion Awards on August 30 at the Amcham Finland offices to kick off the new Active Season!