When you are an Amcham member, you are telling the world that you work for a modern company with a global outlook; that you stand for a can-do and problem-solving attitude towards business. You believe that business is stronger when done together and that it’s important to bring intensity and energy to your work. Community is more than just a buzz word.

The Amchampion Awards Ceremony is our privileged opportunity to recognize those that have really gone above and beyond – those Amchampions who have taken it upon themselves to go the extra mile in improving the business environment and facilitating our mission to make this market globally savvy and connected.

Amchampion of the Year

Volunteering their time and expertise, these individuals promote and drive our mission in the broader business community. Eager to engage, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these leaders to others. This year’s nominees included: Joe Pimenoff of Beneq, which creates transparent Lumineq displays based on nanotechnology that appear as through magic; and Michael Student, a world-class New York lawyer from the firm Sullivan & Worcester, who has advised many Finnish firms on entering the US market.

This year’s winner of the Amchampion of the Year award is Egbert Schram from Itim International, who help companies reach global effectiveness and by making cultural differences explicit. Congratulations Egbert!

Rookie of the Year

There is nothing novice about these Amchampions. During their first year in the community, they have hit the ground running, attending programs, networking and advocating on behalf of our business hub. This year’s nominees included: Fondia, a Nordic listed law firm that likes to do things differently, and with outstanding results; and Zero Keyboard, an innovative Finnish growth company who has successfully taken their business to the US market using our Launchpad USA program.

The winner of this year’s Rookie of the Year award is Steelcase, the global office furniture business that creates office environments that enhance worker engagement. Despite (or because of) not having an office in Finland, Steelcase has made the most of their Amcham membership to reach their goals here. Congratulations Steelcase!

Member of the Year

Active throughout the community, these companies support our business sessions and platforms, providing their expertise, networks, resources, and insights. These companies know how to make the most out of their Amcham season ticket to international business. This year’s nominees included: Idean, a global design and strategy firm that combines the best of Scandinavian design with Silicon Valley tech expertise; and Tekir, who rely on brutal honesty as the leading principle for their communications, PR and public affairs agency.

This year’s winner of the Member of the Year award is Borenius Attorneys, whose ongoing contribution to the business community across industries through leadership, relationship building and cool-headed advice is invaluable. Congratulations Borenius!

The future is bright! Through our programs, we are moving towards more tangible benefits for our members and for Finland. This is the beginning of a new era for Amcham, as well as the kick-off of our new active season. Make the most of it, make your voice heard. We are building our future together as a community.