Author: Eric Bergman


SOTE Means Business

The notion that health and social care in Finland is changing dramatically is already an established fact. Despite the open questions, such as how procurements, ICT systems and market access will be organized in the on-going SOTE reform, certain directions are already taking shape. The...

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15 June

The Rise of Ecosystems

The changing face of healthcare is altering traditional business models. People are put at the center when focus is shifted from acute to preventive care. This brings about new ways of thinking: people are empowered to take care of themselves based on information relevant to...

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13 June

A Spectrum of Health

According to Managing Director Mikko Vasama, Philips is nowadays "100% health technology". Everything they now do can be linked back to health. This may come as a bit of a surprise, so we sat down to talk with him some more....

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22 May