Where can you look if you want to see some of the most exciting tech advancements? To the skies, of course!

The nation’s biggest aviation event – the Turku International Airshow – is here again. Along with the iconic fighter jet and acrobatic flight displays above, you’ll find some of Amcham’s member companies on the ground, on show, and ready for business.

The 2015 event is the first time companies have been given the possibility to showcase their products and hold B2B and B2G meetings with the key players. The commercial aspect is a great fit.

Just think, the Internet, waterproof jackets, cyber security and more – some of the best inventions of the times were developed with aviation in mind.

For those of you who can’t make it, here’s a sneak peek inside the Amcham VIP Tent.


There’s a large research station at McMurdo in Antarctica. While ships can reach the station during summer, supplies must be flown in winter. When they land, the planes must be kept warm – a job for Polartherm heaters. Further away, at the South Pole, elevation 10,000 feet, there’s another international research station. Can the heaters stand up to the altitude? Find out here.


Mining, marine, military, medical and made in Finland. The company produces clear displays designed to withstand the most extreme of environments. The technology is used in electronics, solar photovoltaic, and other emerging thin film applications. Read more here.

Rauli Mård

Engines, motorbikes, mechanics and aviation are among the many muses of this visual artist. From Iron Maiden and Metallica through to the Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Jarmo Lindberg, he certainly has some fans! His high-octane works will be on display at the Airshow. Check out some of his collection here.


200+ years and truly global – Kongsberg’s groundbreaking technology has achieved world-wide success. Its Dynamic Positioning systems allow vessels to keep fixed positions at sea by the use of their propellers and thrusters, instead of anchors. There’s more to this company than maritime. Find out what other areas the group specializes in here.

Other big names inside the tent include: Raytheon and Boeing.

The Turku International Airshow runs from June 5 – 7. The commercial aspect is brought to you by Amcham’s Defense Industry Dialogue.

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Director Transatlantic Business Engagement

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