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Bizmind is developing and commercializing a patent-pending mobile application that utilizes applied psychology & advanced psychometrics for sales acceleration in everyday sales situations. Our mobile application provides personalized, battle tested and evidence based guidance for sales activities; we combine psychological characteristics of both seller & customer and benchmark data mining into a mobile sales accelerator app. The mobile application enhances sales performance based on both individual characteristics (working style, competency, comfort zone, personality) and business context (new sales, key account management, product/service etc.) – the relevant previous sales cases of both success and failure will be “data mined” on personal basis. Bizmind application is a personal tool for B2B sales professionals and entrepreneurs, which improves the quality of customer interactions by means of improved customer contact chemistry. Bizmind is “low maintenance” or almost effortless way of getting more out of customer contacts: it helps to understand the root causes of both successful and failed meetings – and beyond that, it converts past experiences into tangible tips for future customers meetings, just on time, just before an upcoming meeting. With Bizmind you are in continuous personal sales coaching for more than 200 days a year – yet, without missing a single day of work or sales time.