Share Your Vision

We believe in openness, so let’s let air in.   Things could be better.   Not too long ago, the air was filled with optimism. The drive for internationalization in Finland and the greater Nordics was palpable. Was that just a phase? Are we allowing ourselves to get...

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19 February
sakari suhonen small1

Get the Edge – Improve Productivity

Meet Efecte – a member company that both provides and breaths efficiency. We had a chance to speak with C.E.O. Sakari “Sakke” Suhonen. Sakke, your company is known for rapid growth, an excellent work environment and innovation. In fact, Efecte has been awarded in all three...

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26 October

Nordic by Nature: CEOs united on investment front

Mature. Competitive. Early adopters. These are just some characteristics that give businesses in the Nordic countries an edge. The trend towards Nordification, however, goes beyond company traits. It’s the rapid transformation of national markets into one Nordic economy – a place we call the New...

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30 April