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190116, Jouko Pölönen kuvattu OP:n pääkonttorin asiakaspalvelupisteessä Vallilassa.

The Winner Shares It All

Collaboration is not just the best way to excel in today’s world – it’s the only way, says OP’s Jouko Pölönen. Why does a Finnish financial group go into building hospitals? Or, for that matter, is extremely active at Amcham Finland? We applaud both, make...

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17 January

Health Business Calls for New Ventures

The Life Science Group has initiated a project that breaks down barriers and pursues real opportunities to grow business cross-industry.    On December 13, Amcham Finland launched a new project in the life-science industry. The LS Growth Project is staffed with seasoned business-development professionals, who will systematically...

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15 December

The Catalyst That Means Business

The new Life Science Group gives companies business-development support they thought they’d never have.   Finland has a thriving life science business sector with hundreds of companies and dozens of pharma or life science related universities and institutions.   What else does Finland have? Extensive health data and...

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12 December
Jukka Kola1

Vision for Finland: Widening Our Scope

It’s the year 2016.   A resilient nation, full of potential, approaches its 100th birthday. There is a good number of things we’ve achieved in just 100 years. At this time of reflection, we also set our sights on the future.   No matter how you interpret today’s realities,...

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04 April
295/365 The Night of the Arts

5 Ways to Make Helsinki a Hub for HQs

How do you measure the economic importance of a city? One widely-accepted metric is a city’s ability to attract global and regional headquarters. Compared to other Nordic countries, Finland is trailing behind, but not for lack of potential. Here are five ways the Amcham community...

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30 March