Getting Ready for the Next Government Agenda

The next Finnish government – if all goes as usual – will start its term around the summer of 2019. It may seem like there is an abundance of time to prepare for the next government negotiations, but it’s an illusion. All the planning, coalition-building...

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10 August

Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field

We had the opportunity to visit DLA Piper Finland and hear about their experiences applying artificial intelligence in the legal field. They are at the cutting edge by developing a platform called Kira, and pushing the implementation of the technology in the firm worldwide. They...

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01 June

Seeing Strengths

Finland is perfectly located to take advantage of global economic trends. As interest in the Arctic region heightens, logistic routes from Asia to Europe are being developed, and the ‘digital Silk Road’ takes off, Finland can benefit from being at the crossroads of all of...

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30 May
Influencing in a Post-Truth World Blog

Influencing in a Post-Truth World

Corporate citizens have much to contribute. Now we know how they’d like to do it. We called up the Amcham membership to discuss how they think influencing should happen in today’s day and age. That’s a hot topic for several reasons....

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02 March

Digital Paradox: You Need the Face Time

It was so useful to talk about digital transformation that the seventeen C.E.O.s in the room swore to continue the dialogue.   “Top management is not really up to speed about the digital disruption.” That’s what Petteri Poutiainen, Salesforce’s Country Manager in Finland, hears quite frequently.   Petteri begs...

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09 February

Promoting Change in 2017

You have come to know Amcham as a champion of inward investment and top talent. As the new Head of Advocacy, I’m happy to assure you that that is the one thing that is not going to change. My main goal is to drive diversification...

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10 January

Making Sense of the Trump Victory

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. president was an event unlike any other. I don’t think the world has ever experienced a political ascension so universally interesting and riveting. News-media outlets everywhere broke visitor records. There seemed to be no one, including...

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11 November

Top Five Trends in Global M&A

Amcham's most recent Executive Forum followed the story of Panu Routila, C.E.O. of Konecranes and his first 100 days managing the company.   Johannes Piha of Borenius was also in attendance as an expert in the topic at hand.   It's not only the China factor changing the game. Here...

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28 September
Parliament 3

Finnish Politics Gets a Facelift

This weekend was full of excitement for political junkies, with three national parties choosing a new leader, and plenty of new policy directions taken by four. But what business impact might it have? We have Arto Virtanen from Hill & Knowlton Strategies and our own...

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15 June

The U.S. Elections – What’s in It for You?

As the race to the parties’ national conventions in the United States intensifies, the election is everywhere. It’s entertaining, for sure. But is there also a professional reason a business person in Europe should take time to understand an election happening 5,000 miles away?   For us, it...

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29 April