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Life is digital moments.

We believe that the quality and success in life, private or business, is increasingly dependent on the quality of digital moments we live in. From early morning to late evening people communicate, co-create, collaborate with others and consume digital content and services. In addition the connected “things and machines” set the tone and pace on how the everyday life functions.


Perfecting digital moments.

We at Comptel are on a mission to perfect the digital moments. This perfection is a two way street.


Firstly, perfection means getting digital content in the right context delivered right the 1st time. No delays, no errors, no friction and no bad experiences. For the service providers perfection means gaining more revenue, serving happy customers and less risks in the business of digital moments.



We connect digital demand and supply and that´s where we add value. The mounting fragmentation and complexity on the demand side and the technology transformation on the supply side will kill innovation, agility and flexibility. Value is increasingly built on the layer that connects, enriches and orchestrates digital demand and supply, enables growth and reduces friction.



No excuses. No “just another customer” thinking. No compromises. Perfection is in our DNA. For our customers perfection means BX+SX+UX= CX. Leave any of them out and you fail.


We perfect the buying experience by being close to the customers and delivering the right answers to individual needs, Service experience is delivered by competent, committed and passionate people. The best level of service is guaranteed by  the ultimate user experience in software tools and technologies.



We drive for delivering unique value. Uniqueness means that we do not develop and deliver just “me too” solutions and products. We lead. Also our service attitude stands out from the crowd.


But being unique means nothing unless you are also valuable to customers. Bring more revenue and happy customers, reduce their risks or help them make smarter decisions- faster.
“Is there enough unique value?” is the question our R&D, sales and service people ask themselves before every action and decision.



We aim to deliver unique value. Competition can out-number us in many ways but never out-value us. Our solutions are both valuable and unique to our customers. We do not have a “just another customer” attitude and the industry´s highest customer retention rate is a testament to that attitude. We love challenges and customers love to give them to us. We partner with the industry leaders and are part of business ecosystems that help customers to complete major transformations in a smooth and managed way.


Success is built on our people. 700+ inspired people innovate, develop and deliver software and services for the most challenging customer cases and are driven by our values:
Passion, Respect, United and Make it happen.