We’re an international team with diverse backgrounds and education. Meet us below!

Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson

CEO | +358 45 136 6303

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

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  • Leadership and operations, according to the strategic direction developed with the Board of Directors
  • Manages and oversees the team, as well as the execution of operations- planning, program development, staff leadership, finances, advocacy, and membership and community services
  • 10 Years at Amcham with five different positions including Managing Director, International Business Engagement, Network Director and more.
  • Worked in Washington, DC, Houston, TX and in Helsinki, Finland in various roles (including a stint as a ballroom dance instructor!)
  • Graduated from the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington, DC and worked towards her MBA from Haaga-Helia University while on Maternity Leave
  • Enjoys hosting get-togethers with good friends
  • Mother to two rambunctious kids who aspire to grow up to be a zoologist-ninja and a “pink panda boss”
  • Relishes spontaneous salsa dancing in kitchen with Texan husband while jealous kids try and latch on like lampreys for our attention
  • Has been known to tango and sing karaoke, and will never say no to a good rope course
  • Engages in frequent devil’s advocate discussions because well-crafted arguments are a delight
  • Women’s Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, inter-cultural relations, Texas, my endless quest to Marie Kondo our home, US politics, US culture(s), the Transatlantic economy and the positive impact foreign investors have on Finland.

Mike Klyszeiko

Director, Launchpad USA | +358 45 140 4911

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  • Provides advisory services and cultivates key network connections for Finnish companies seeking to bring business into the US market
  • Drives passion for self-development & upward mobility through guest speaking and startup mentoring
  • Educated in the University of California, Berkeley, spending time in the water for Varsity Crew practices and in the Silicon Valley for technology startup internships
  • Former advisor at Morgan Stanley and U.S. Navy Officer
  • Former CEO of a Finnish startup, raising capital from private investors and launching products into international markets
  • Grew up in California, and carries his enjoyment for nature by being in the outdoors with his family
  • Often seen listening to podcasts about emerging technologies, planning his next move as an Angel Investor in 35+ technology companies
  • Building startups, upward mobility, portfolio theories, water sports, US travels, barbecuing, capital markets & finance

Rosa Thurman

Director of Foreign Affiliate Services and Sustainability | +358 45 699 5997

“When Life Gives You Lemons, Grab Tequila and Salt.”

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  • In charge of the Foreign Affiliate network consisting of 90+ international companies and their Country Managers. Co-chairing the Advisory Board with Policy Director Julia Mäklin.
  • Responsible for FDI and international talent -related issues, including the Finland as a Business Location -Survey
  • Currently drafting the ambitious Sustainability Agenda for 230+ Amcham members.
  • Started at Financial Times and held her longest position at Bloomberg, dealing mainly with investment banks, hedge funds and big corporate clients. Last four years in London as General Manager for FBCC, helping Finnish companies establish their operations in the U.K.
  • Graduated from Vaasa Yliopisto and then continued studies in EU Law at Southampton Institute in the U.K. Additionally, she did a short course in Human Rights Law at LSE.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover – Rosa is a metalhead, and she lives by a motto; ‘You’re never too old to mosh!’
  • Mother to two great kids who teach every day that patience really is a virtue
  • Sustainable investments, Human Rights and Diversity, Politics, dogs and music – from singers who can growl to Eurovision

Julia Mäklin

Policy Officer | +358 50 430 3443

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  • Head of Amcham’s policy & advocacy work, speaking on behalf of international business with Finnish policymakers
  • Coordinating the Legal Committee and Life Science events
  • Been on the Amcham team for 2 years, previously in charge of Operations & Events management
  • Master’s degree in History specializing in North American studies from the University of Helsinki with further study in New Zealand, and a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from Arcadia University of Applied Sciences
  • Worked on Capitol Hill as a U.S. Illinois Congressman intern, uncovering policy areas in energy & environment, contacting constituents and arranging meetings & events on the Hill
  • Previously worked with researching and tourism at Suomenlinna for 6 years
  • Enjoys frequenting her cottage to spend time with family outdoors and on the water
  • Relishes in interesting conversations found in the Mother’s in Business network and after-works with friends
  • Podcasts (Freakonomics, The Daily, The Stuff You Missed in History Class), U.S. foreign policy, accurate historical facts, wine and good coffee, the transatlantic economy

Katie Girow

Director of Membership Services | +358 45 162 8449

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  • Talking to members! I aim to make sure members get the most out of everything we do
  • Overseeing the Women’s Network, Harvard business review programming, and brainstorming new ideas for collaboration between Amcham members
  • Been at Amcham for more than 3 years
  • Graduated from the University of Liverpool in Business with an exchange in Hong Kong for half a year.
  • Researched in South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil, culminating in a talk at the Houses of Lord’s with the Circumnavigator’s Club, and dabbled in the world of financial magazines in London
  • Adventures in learning Finnish continue…
  • Travel is my main love, closely followed by cooking for whoever is hungry enough to eat with me.
  • British politics, creative writing, new technology trends, international development & relations, ecosystem development, corporate collaboration, good recipes to try out, wherever you are going on holiday next…

Isaac Garfunkel

Director of Communications and Marketing | +358 50 436 5280

“What is to give light must endure burning.”

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  • Acts in a central role in all agendas involving communication, marketing, or language
  • Supports the whole team at any capacity, including conceptualizing events and influencing long-term organizational strategy
  • Higher education degrees in Business, Brand & Reputation Management, and Applied Positive Psychology in London and Philadelphia
  • Worked as a marketing professional in large corporations in the United States, taught English language in Israel and has experience as a coach in positive psychology
  • Revels in exhaustive outdoor sports, such as biking and hiking in diverse terrains
  • Produces electronic music, spends time in spontaneously themed meet-up groups and occasionally plays the devil’s advocate for the sake of fruitful arguments
  • Promotes positive work psychology and meaningful work
  • Meaningful work, debate, outdoor sports outlets (XXL, Partioaitta etc.), Finnish cultural values, meditation, coaching, food lifestyle, Israel

Nikola Pantchev

Operations Manager | +358 50 472 4828


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  • Event management dedicated to a fluidity and success in everything from planning to execution
  • Financial accounting, assisting in Operational and financial planning, office and HR management,
  • Planning the EA network, assistance with launchpad USA and the Defense Industry Dialogue
  • Master of Arts in English Philology and finishing a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration with a marketing focus from the University of Oulu
  • Sales experience from Trainer’s house and Tuudo, and six years working as a trilingual language consultant
  • Former business development & administration intern at Amcham Finland’s New York Office
  • Active movie-watcher with vast minute count in horror, sci-fi & action genre films
  • Enjoys going to the gym and playing in the snow with his 3 – year old German Shepard in his Northern Finland home
  • America, movies, technology, pop culture, languages, travelling

Hanh Nguyen

Digital Services Specialist | +358 50 434 9553

“My name in Vietnamese means Happy and Virtue, and I strive to be both”

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  • Working with digital communication materials, everything ranging from website designing, video-making to collaterals
  • Assisting with event organization and administrative tasks, a go-to person for creative and design questions
  • Bachelor of Tourism with a Minor in Event Management, Haaga- Helia University of Applied Sciences and graduated as a Russian language specialized student from her high school in Vietnam
  • Worked 5 internships across the world and volunteered intensively for Slush, Nordic Business Forum, a school for the deaf-mute, Duolingo App amongst others
  • Youth aspires to learn more and initiate change
  • Enjoys creative activities: doodling, reading, singing along with her ukulele and cooking Vietnamese cuisine
  • Asia-Pacific relations, human rights, youth empowerment and education, creativity and innovation, Lady Gaga