Thursday, January 30, 8:15 – 11:00 AM
Amcham Finland Offices, Eteläranta 6 A 8, Helsinki

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This event is for Country Managers or those in similar positions only.

Effective communication with headquarters is a vital skill for any country manager or any executive managing country operations. Your success at pitching Finland and getting your point across can make the difference in how your business case stands out and whether you win further investments and additional headcount in Finland. Leveraging communication strategies that are most effective under various circumstances will give you a significant advantage when selling Finland as an investment location, year after year.

Cultural understanding and communication skills are essential for teams to build trust, consensus and thus achieve their potential, especially considering the growing number of organisations that operate as virtual teams.

In this special Amcham Country Manager Network breakfast, Amcham Advisory Board member and Group CEO at Hofstede Insights, Egbert Schram, will facilitate an interactive session for you to learn which information to give, in which way, and via which channels to ensure your country office has the right seat at the table in your global HQ. The discussion will be moderated by Kathleen Naglee, accomplished Head of Helsinki International School.

You will leave this session with the following skills:

  1. Understand when your personal communication style is an asset and when it becomes a liability.
  2. Better anticipate how to communicate to your HQ.
  3. Understand the role of gender in communication and how to use gender balance to your advantage.
  4. Deal with multicultural global management teams, including virtual teams.

Event Partners:

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Event Speaker:

Egbert Schram

Group CEO, Hofstede Insights

Egbert Schram is the CEO of Hofstede Insights. He is astute, passionate about his work, known to make complex things understandable by focusing on pragmatic solutions. His main focus is to help global leaders and managers deal with the challenges (and fun) of working in unpredictable and impossible situations and help people professional create more awareness about the importance of people in today´s work environment. If you need an Ice-breaker, Egbert is the go-to guy.

Egbert is a Dutch forester by background, with his studies having equipped him with a holistic yet pragmatic view on business. He emigrated to Finland in 2006, is married to a Finnish lady and has two kids.

Other professional activities include being the Chairman of the international chapter at the Finnish HR Federation and a member of Amcham Finland (Egbert is the Amchampion of the year 2017).

Event Moderator:

Kathleen Naglee

Head of School & CEO, International School of Helsinki

Kathleen is passionate about promoting leadership, diversity, sustainability and well-being. She is an active speaker in the local and global community. She currently serves as a Commissioner for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and as Chair of the Board of Directors of the US State Department organization, CEESA. She spent fifteen years in Estonia and was the Vice-President of the American Chamber of Commerce.

Kathleen looks for ways to empower others to enact change in their lives and communities. She holds an annual leadership retreat for women heading towards the C-suite. Her transformational process leads women to identify and articulate their educational vision in a way that others will hear.

She has been an educator for over twenty-eight years in both impoverished and affluent communities in the US and Europe. She believes that the relationship formed with others is the key to our collective success.

For more information, contact:

Rosa Thurman

Director of Foreign Affiliate Services and Sustainability
+358 45 699 5997