Donnelley Language Solutions

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Donnelley Language Solutions is a leading force in multilingual communications services and recognized as one of the world’s premier providers to the Life Sciences sector.


We support end-to-end linguistic solutions in the full life-cycle of clinical development, from discovery and product development (Pre-Clinical & Phases I to III), to regulatory review (EMA/FDA compliance) and commercialization (Phase VI/ Sales and Marketing).


Whether it involves regional MAA processes, clinical trials, or simply supporting faster and more cost-effective practices for submitting critical documentation to meet clinical needs and regulatory requirements, we can provide the necessary flexibility and capacity to accommodate your specific requirements.


Our fully scalable solutions, customized workflows, depth of industry experience, and ISO-certified processes are built on a global platform of 24/7/365 service. This means you can rely on our accurate, secure and on-time translations in more than 180 languages.