It is our pleasure to invite you to start the new year 2018 with a festive and inspiring EA Network gathering!


Join us onboard Tallink Silja Symphony to hear how to mindfully craft visual messages, create a special visitor experience and explore the opportunities the ship can offer for organizing inspiring meetings and for entertaining customers.


The age-old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ holds more to it than meets the eye. Skillfully using visual cues to attract people is highly effective, but doing it right takes effort and an understanding of the fundamental principles of cultural sensitiveness.


How much thought goes into the images your organization uses? Does the message come across as wanted? How to analyze and improve any messaging that occurs in your organization?


Egbert Schram, C.E.O. of Hofstede Insights, will take you on a journey using examples of how to address different cultural values. Using data from recent research conducted in 56 countries, he’ll discuss how paying close attention to the cultural factor can boost an organization’s messaging and increase campaign success up to 30%.


Sushi Co. restaurant’s chefs will prepare us beautiful plates of sushi; please notify of any food allergies. Seats are limited!




Egbert Schram

Managing Director
Hofstede Insights


Janne Mälkki

Head of Sales Group
Business, Group and Travel Agency Sales
Tallink Silja

Tallink Silja Symphony, Olympiaterminaali


Olympiaranta 1, Helsinki




Thursday, January 18, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM



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Julia Mäklin
Operations Manager
+358 50 430 3443