Join us for an interactive session with Minister of Justice Antti Häkkänen and Petri Lehto, Director of Policy and Communications at MSD Finland, who will discuss interpretation of the GDPR in Finland, especially as it pertains to medical research. The discussion will be led by Specialist Counsel and GDPR expert Sakari Aalto from Merilampi Attorneys.


Will implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) align with Finland’s goal of being a world leader in innovation and medical research? How much leeway do Finnish policy makers have in interpreting the GDPR? What challenges do companies who operate in various EU countries face with different interpretations?


We will hear insights from the Minister of Justice Antti Häkkänen on national implementation of this EU law. This is your chance to share the views of the business and research community with a top policy maker.


Petri Lehto will speak about challenges and opportunities for innovation and business also through his experiences with FinnGen, the research project at the frontier of genomics and medicine.

Merilampi Attorneys Offices


Lönnrotinkatu 5, Helsinki




Wednesday, March 7, from 8:30 – 10:00 AM





Petri Lehto

Director of Policy and Communications at MSD Finland


Antti Häkkänen

Minister of Justice


Sakari Aalto

Specialist Counsel and GDPR expert, Merilampi Attorneys

Event partner

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Head of Advocacy
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