In a country with faraway destinations and limited public transportation, it is inevitable that transportation continues to be in focus. New innovative services around travel chains and the sharing economy are emerging, and regulations have been adjusted to open up competition. How does Finland fair with other countries in meeting the needs of clean transportation and in arranging modern transportation policies?


Robert Lujan, newly appointed Managing Director of Nissan Nordic Europe, has traveled around the globe creating business. Previously, among other key executive positions, he was living in Japan leading Nissan’s global Electric Vehicle (EV) business. He will share his insight on trends in the market and what efforts Nissan is making for clean transportation and future innovations. We will also hear how Nissan, as one of the companies who have their Nordic and Baltic regions headquarters in Finland, foresees the country as an innovation and investment destination.


The keynote speech is followed by a panel discussion about electric transportation and its possibilities: why are electric vehicles the top trend in the automotive industry, and what can EVs and their ecosystem offer Finland? How will the Finnish government promote electric transportation according to the Energy and Climate Strategy? Are incentives needed and why?


Moderator Tuomas Enbuske will keep the energy level up together with Member of Parliament Ari Jalonen, Chair of the Transport and Communications Committee Jarkko Ahlbom, Manager of the Zero Emission Strategy at Nissan Nordic Europe Oy, Rami Syväri, Head of International Sales & Business Development at Fortum Charge and Drive and Riikka Suominen, Editor-in-Chief at Vihreä Lanka.


Please note that the discussion will be held in Finnish.


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Keynote Speaker


Robert Lujan

Managing Director
Nissan Nordic Europe Oy



Ari Jalonen

Member of Parliament
Chair of Transport and Communications Committee


Jarkko Ahlbom

Manager, Zero Emission Strategy
Nissan Nordic Europe Oy


Rami Syväri

Head of International Sales & Business Development
Fortum Charge and Drive


Riikka Suominen

Vihreä Lanka



Tuomas Enbuske

Media Personality / Journalist


7th Floor


Yrjönkatu 15 A

28100, Pori




Wednesday, July 12, from 2:30 – 4:30 PM



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Jenni Isola

Director, Membership Services

+358 45 126 7343


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Head of Communications

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