As Brexit moves forward, the abundance of information can be overwhelming. In Finland, much of the discussion is presented from the EU point of view. How do you form a balanced opinion, in which rumors are differentiated from official stances?


At this event, we offer you the opportunity to hear an update on where the Brexit process currently stands. Cathryn Law, Deputy Director, EU Trade Team, Department for International Trade, will talk about Britain’s view on trade in light of Brexit.


How is the UK preparing for a future independent trade policy and a new kind of trade relationship with the European Union – and the rest of the world – after it departs from the EU? What are the British priorities, and how will we reach a deal that works for both sides?


Welcome to hear the British Government’s point of view and bring up your own concerns regarding Brexit.



Cathryn Law

Deputy Director, EU Trade Team, Department for International Trade


Department of International Trade

Cathryn Law joined the Department for International Trade in 2016 as Deputy Director of the EU trade team. Her team’s responsibilities include EU trade policy – including the Trade Policy Committee – EU FTA negotiations and Parliamentary scrutiny. Before joining the Department Cathryn undertook a range of international jobs in the civil service – including Head of International Science and Innovation Policy, Programme manager for the Newton Fund, Head of Trade and Development policy and Head of UKTI’s Asia Network.

Amcham Finland Offices


Eteläranta 6 A 8, 00130, Helsinki




Wednesday, November 1, 8:30 – 10:00 AM



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