As much as a central government budget is a forecast of expenditures and revenues, it is also an expression of national strategy and political will.


What, then, can we learn from the structure and focus areas of Finland’s national budget? What are its drivers? How does it affect society?


What about your business ecosystem? What to expect from the government vis-à-vis spending?


In our series of business and policy breakfasts, we’ll be joined by Permanent Secretary Martti Hetemäki from the Ministry of Finance. He will introduce the structure of the Finnish national budget. We’ll leave plenty of time for discussion.


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Martti Hetemäki

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance

Martti Hetemäki has been Permanent State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance of Finland since 2013 and is serving a 7-year term. He accepted the position after a long and distinguished career in the Ministry, including 10 years as Permanent State Under-Secretary. He chaired the Sub-Committee on Statistics of the European Union’s Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) in 2003-2013 and served as a Director of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).


Martti Hetemäki’s career includes several board memberships. He is the Chairman of the Finnish National Fund Sitra and Vice-Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority. Other board activities cover areas such as security and defense, technology, health and social economy.


Martti Hetemäki holds a PhD in Economics and a Licentiate degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Helsinki as well as a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Hull.

Amcham Finland Offices


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Wednesday, June 7, from 8:30 – 10:00 AM

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