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05 Sep 2019


3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Turning Data Into Loyal Customers

Understanding data is critical for every business person, and it’s becoming more important every day. This insight enables leaders to successfully develop their strategies, prepare for the future of work and apply modern technologies, such as AI.

Become a part of three powerful, professional women’s networks to learn about the customer experience lifecycle; Oracle Women’s LeadershipLexia’s Women Leader’s Network, and Amcham Women’s Network will join forces at Hotel Katajanokka, Finland’s first hotel from the famous Marriot brand!

Prime Hotels Oy (Marriot) Sales Director Timo Hakala will walk us through Marriott’s online strategy and ways through which disruptive technologies, such as social media, have transformed the hotel industry worldwide. Marriot invests heavily in research on customer behavior throughout micro-moments during the purchasing journey. The global company strives to understand the added value of each additional point of conversion and what helps to drive those conversions. How those micro-moments are approached determines a customer’s loyalty, as well as how the brand is perceived.

We’ve all been to hotels, so we’ve all experienced the very tangible result of decisions based on data in the hospitality industry. This case study is a fantastic chance to be inspired to use data in any industry, including yours!

Markus Myhrberg, Attorney, Partner, Head of IPR, Data Protection and Marketing Practices at Lexia, will then share how legislation can enable data-driven business and how new ePrivacy legislation will change the scene in his session, ‘Don’t mess with your data.’

A panel discussion will open after these engaging presentations, including Timo Hakala from Prime Hotels, Markus Myhrberg from Lexia, and Sara Eklund from Oracle.

Finally, let’s have a drink and mingle! Be quick, the seats are limited!