What do you want when going to the US market? Someone who’s been there, done that? Meet Mike Klyszeiko.

Mike joined the Amcham team last spring. His big mission: to create a service that supports growth companies as they break into the US market. The service is now ready to fly. It is called Launchpad USA.

Mike has convinced everyone who has worked with him by his laser-sharp analytical skills and strategic thinking. He is an American who grew up in Silicon Valley and owns a track record of taking Finnish companies over and helping them succeed.

You are not a new AmChampion.

No. I moved to Helsinki from the US three years ago. I was starting a Finnish company, but having a difficult time establishing networks and professional relationships. After several months I became aware of Amcham and I was overwhelmed by the support the Amcham Finland’s team provided me with. They took the time to learn more about my business and me. It was a matter of a few weeks before I established great connections and a couple of clients as a direct result of my initial introduction to Amcham.

Needless to say, my company quickly became a member and our relationship with Amcham only strengthened. I have always had a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for what Amcham has done for me personally and for my business.

Now you are in charge of the member companies breaking into the US market. Do you have previous experience of US-bound growth companies?

Yes. For two and a half years I have worked hands-on with Finnish companies entering the US market. First, we identified their objectives and then determined the steps that needed to be taken for them to successfully execute their market-entry strategy.

From my company’s office in New York City, we carried out a wide range of activities on behalf of our clients. Through this work and the numerous discussions I have had with growth companies, I have become very familiar with the challenges that this member segment faces in expanding their business to the US.

What is your ultimate goal with the LaunchpadUSA service?

The ultimate goal is that our member companies will substantially increase the odds of their long-term success in the US market.

The ultimate goal is that our member companies will substantially increase the odds of their long-term success in the US market. Amcham wants to be the platform from which many success stories are created and I am confident that we have the resources to do so.

You have a long military experience – six years in the Navy. How do you think that will play out in your work at Amcham?

That’s a good question. As an officer in the US Navy, I learned that teamwork was essential to successfully carry out our assigned mission. Part of a well functioning team is clear, pro-active communication amongst the team members.

The Amcham community is large and diverse, but one that is working to accomplish the same objective. I hope to be a catalyst!

Thanks again so much for sharing your thoughts. We look forward to accomplishing great things together!