Meet Efecte – a member company that both provides and breaths efficiency. We had a chance to speak with C.E.O. Sakari “Sakke” Suhonen.

Sakke, your company is known for rapid growth, an excellent work environment and innovation. In fact, Efecte has been awarded in all three areas. How do you pull that off?

First of all, we’ve managed to get a really great team on board. This is something I cannot emphasize enough. Efecte’s new growth started three years ago after we decided to renew our strategy, product lines and the way we work. We are now seeing the results of those decisions.

Renewing Efecte has been an enjoyable journey. Everything you see today at Efecte is a showcase of dedicated and enthusiastic people working together.

You provide holistic solutions and services that are all geared to improve productivity. Then there’s a thing called the “Efecte Edge.” What is it?

Efecte Edge is the name of a solution. The solution includes service management, identity management and a self-service portal. It was first designed for IT needs, but now we see it used more and more at HR and finance units.

We call it enterprise-service management rather than IT-service management.

In simple terms, Edge creates a single point of record for a number of things so enterprises can run smoothly. Incidents and requests, contracts and assets, managing knowledge about known solutions to problems, following up on changes in the company, delegating power of attorney for access control, and so on.

Our blog has great articles about Edge and SIAM, which stands for Service Management and Integration framework.

As a society and as businesses, we are at the beginning of some major restructuring. Digitalization is already disrupting entire industries. How is your business critical in getting this transition right?

In this current bimodal world of information technology, where the legacy is crucial to “keeping the lights on,” new technologies are becoming more and more important to generate new business. IT’s role is becoming more crucial for enabling these businesses.

Our solutions are helping organizations think about transitioning from legacy to a new era.

One big part of our core business is to help our customers productize and automate end-to-end enterprise services for all the employees. Also, we help them effectively manage the processes behind services—whether they are related to service or identity management.

Accurate and predictable information from the current IT environment helps organizations analyze and assess what is going on in current and new businesses. Additionally, it helps them make better decisions.

You cover the Nordic countries. What makes the Nordics your chosen market?

As a Finnish company, Nordic countries were a logical step for the internationalization which started already ten years ago. Since then, we have established a solid position in the Nordic countries and currently we are the biggest Nordic SaaS company in our line of business.

Also, our product fit has been proven in more than 300 cases in Nordic markets, which are ahead of some larger areas in many ways. This helps us further expand into Europe and the U.S.

Where are you headed next as a company?

From an expansion point of view, we just opened an office in Munich, Germany at the beginning of this year and closed our first partner and customer from the U.S. These are the geographical areas in our expansion focus.

This year, we have achieved a milestone for being the biggest Nordic service management vendor. Naturally, the next step is to look further into Europe.

As a company, we are constantly improving our offering to provide more value for the customers. There will be something big coming with the new releases during this year and the next.

Thank you, Sakke. Congratulations. See you again soon!

To get the Edge, you can read Edge for Dummies here: