With the new Launchpad USA program, we believe every company should have full access to the many exciting opportunities it provides for growth companies – and all of us.

We decided to do something about it.

“We could of course just raise a toast to mark the new program – and we definitely do that, too”, says C.O.O. Antti Oksanen, “but that wouldn’t really be the true Amcham way. We like to transform all celebrations into movement and action.”

The cause for celebration is a new program called Launchpad USA, which helps growth companies into the US market in a highly strategic and systematic fashion. The program launch on August 27 will for the first time unite American professionals, who work in the Amcham team, and the hundreds of Amcham member companies to support growth companies as they target the most competitive market in the world.

The program is managed by Mike Klyszeiko, who is in charge of Transatlantic Business Development at Amcham. He is already making connections with US-bound companies in Finland, Russia, and Estonia and bringing them under the program. The interest has been significant.

“Yes, there is a need to compliment the current offering with a market-led option. Companies such as K Hartwall and Glowway will be happy to tell how the program is already delivering for them!”

“With a year-to-year member retention rate of 95 percent, we know that Amcham members already get major value. The Launchpad program will create additional synergies and make the membership even more important,” Mike continues.

“Now we just need to get the word out and bring to the fold all the companies that feel moved by this mission. They can be companies on the verge of a breakthrough, companies only just touching base, or companies that have already succeeded. It takes a village to secure maximum impact.”

The member offer is uniquely generous: with the regular annual member fee of EUR 3,500, a company that joins Amcham Finland by the end of business hours on September 20, will get 16 months worth of mileage for the same investment. After that, the price will go back to normal, a prorated price for 2013 and the full fee for 2014.

The offer applies to all companies regardless of their interest to enroll in the Launchpad USA program.