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Launchpad USA

Launchpad USA is the most effective U.S. market entry platform available to Finnish companies.

It’s offered exclusively to members of Amcham Finland.

On the Launchpad, Finnish companies receive a tailored market entry plan that is designed to:

Reduce Your Risk
Start your operations the right way. Reduce your risk and understand the American market.
Market Analysis
Figure out where you want to be.
America is a big place.
Value Proposition Review
What’s unique about your product or service? Is it built to beat the competition?
Identify 50 First Customers
Narrow down your target market.
Sales Process Improvement

American companies are known for sales skill. Modify your sales process for ultimate effectiveness in the early stages of your company.

U.S. Trip Preparation
Don’t waste time and resources on your trip to the U.S.

Who leads Launchpad USA?
Meet Mike Klyszeiko

Mike Klyszeiko |
+358 45 140 4911

This is Mike.
He’s the Director of Launchpad USA, a father, startup investor, former investment banker and U.S. Navy Officer.

  • Born and raised in California, USA
  • Served as a U.S. Navy Officer
  • Educated at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Spent time in Silicon Valley for technology startup internships and in the water rowing for Varsity Crew practices
  • Worked as an advisor at Morgan Stanley investment bank
  • Has resided in Helsinki for 10+ years
  • Former CEO of a Finnish startup, raising capital from private investors and launching products into international markets
  • Current personal investment in over 30 startups
  • Lives for his family
  • Mike provides advisory services and cultivates key network connections for Finnish companies seeking to bring business into the U.S. market. His goal is to understand your company’s needs so you get the best guidance for the least amount of financial resources.
  • Mike also drives passion for self-development and upward mobility through guest-speaking and startup mentoring.
  • Mike approaches startup growth by looking to unique value propositions and specific target markets in the early stages.
  • Many Finnish companies underestimate the size and competition of the United States, and Launchpad USA is designed to help you navigate successfully.

Empowered by Launchpad USA

What Our Members Say

Jari-Matti Mehto

Business Development Director, USA & President and CEO of Premix, Inc., Premix Group


“When you are doing business in the U.S. market, it is valuable to have reliable resources to turn to for tangible information.

Since joining, we have been making the most of the unique access and insights Amcham Finland has on the transatlantic economy and practical advice for operating in the U.S.

It is always helpful to have experts just a phone call away.”

Jani-Mikael Kuusisto

Co-Founder & CEO, The Warming Surfaces Company


“The Warming Surfaces Company spun out of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland to commercialize Halia warming surfaces technology.

We joined Amcham to build cross-Atlantic ties and business relations to accelerate market entry to North America.

Launchpad USA Success Story:
3D Bear

3DBear’s mission is to revolutionize the way children learn and how they will work in the future. Rather than sit learning individual subjects, kids have fun using 3DBear’s software on devices to create and learn multiple skills and subjects at the same time.

  • Finnish company developing and selling AR tools for classrooms
  • Used Amcham to expand into the American market
  • Successfully entered New York and California
  • Rapidly expanding

Kristo Lehtonen | CEO, 3DBear

“When creating a subsidiary in the U.S., lawyers gave me ten different options to choose from. I called Amcham and Mike gave me two, based on experience, and explained the benefits of both.”

Launchpad USA Success Story: Finnero

Tarja Keen | CEO, FinNero Oy Ltd

“We got the business open in the U.S., but it proved to be a daunting task because we didn’t know what to do first or what questions to ask. U.S. companies are big and had impossible demands. It was frustrating and we were worried we were going to lose a promising business opportunity.

I felt relieved after the first phone call with Mike Klyszeiko from Amcham Finland. Mike’s knowledge of the required actions was reassuring. Mike was clear, logical and effective. He explained the required actions, coached us and helped us to make it all happen. Remarkable expertise!

Thank you Mike and Amcham Finland!”