Launchpad USA is a comprehensive program for companies breaking into or scaling up their business in the U.S. market.
On the Launchpad, companies receive realistic, practical, and tailored support on both sides of the Atlantic that will help them create a winning business formula.



The U.S. is the most competitive market in the world. Could you be doing more business there? What knowledge, skills and connections do you need to be successful? How do you manage your U.S. operations?


Launchpad USA is a program tailored to meet the needs of your business. It will guide you and your company from start to finish for doing business in the United States. Our experts will work with you to understand your business and its objectives to provide tailored solutions and the right connections to help you succeed.


This program is for Amcham’s growth companies regardless of industry, size or goals. What matters is the desire to expand business beyond the Nordic borders.



  • In-house U.S. market-entry specialists will help to identify the most opportunistic market segments for your business and develop a plan to capitalize on them.


– U.S. site location analysis

– Visa requirements

– U.S. custom duties

– Licensing requirements

– Risk management

– Sales and marketing


  • Targeted networking in the U.S. to accelerate your business development


  • Learn what, and what not to do from other member companies, and gain insights from our network of industry experts


  • Our New York City office is growing the U.S.-based network to create new opportunities for your business



In-house expertise

Benefit from our experience. We will work side by side with you in developing your company’s U.S. market entry and business development plan. A smart, efficient and effective plan will save you time and money.


Mapping out your journey

See the future. There is a logic to market access. That’s why we created the 40-step Launchpad route, that will help you set the pace and anticipate your company’s needs. It will also help you avoid the traps that companies from the Nordic companies all too often fall into.


Professional development

Get better. It is vital to have specific skills and knowledge to successfully compete in the U.S. market.

Your company will have access to our training sessions where industry professionals and experienced business leaders help you analyse your competencies and coach you to have what it takes.


Strategic networking

Accelerate business development. It’s not just what you know but also who you know. That’s why the Launchpad team will work with you in building your professional network. You’ll have the ability to cease opportunities as they arise with the companies you have preselected.


Access to business critical information

Stay on top. The Launchpad team has access to the most up-to-date information related to developments that affect your business operations. We will disseminate relevant and critical information so you are current on market developments and better positioned for long-term success.


Quick and soft landing

Local presence. Through Launchpad, you have access to a virtual office in the United States – in addition to our office space in Times Square in New York City and our rapidly growing member base in the receiving end.

``I can truly recommend the Launchpad USA program. Amcham has helped us in understanding the American way of business thinking. They have assisted us in mapping our potential sales office location and making our market-entry plan.``

Jukka Rantala, Sales and Marketing Director, PEMAMEK



Launchpad USA is open to all Amcham member companies. If you ‘re not yet part of the community, but interested in the program, we invite you to join as a corporate member.   With your season ticket to international business, you get access to our other resources and high-powered networking opportunities.


Many ask if there are any additional costs for this flagship program and service. Great question, the answer is ‘NO’.  There are no additional fees beyond your annual dues. 


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Launchpad USA

+358 (45) 140 4911


Joining Amcham is easy. All you have to do is fill out the application and send it our way. Though your membership is subject to the Board’s approval, we will typically activate your season ticket to international business within 2-3 working days. In no time, you’ll have access to the unique value that Amcham has to offer your enterprise.