New York City can be a rough place to work and live, with grueling hours and hyper competition. The City will squash you like a silverfish if you take your eye off the ball.

Just ask Dealy Silberstein & Braverman lawyer Milo Silberstein. Mr. Silberstein deposed the most powerful man in the city. Many of us would balk, but Silberstein thrives on it.

Representing his client against then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg LP in a gender discrimination case is all in a day’s work for one of NYC’s most dynamic law firms.

Another major case they are currently handling is a civil suit representing Sabrina Vega against the former sports doctor Larry Nassar.

High-profile cases come as no surprise for a law firm with five super lawyers out of their seven attorneys.

But, as Michael Jordan, the six-time NBA champion, puts it, “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” In a team everyone has their own strengths.

At DSB, less experienced lawyers work very closely with senior lawyers on every case. This provides a combination of experience and novel views to ensure all angles are considered.

It’s an exchange of ideas between different areas of expertise. In fact, DSB is familiar with representing both sides in employment matters, which is unusual, according to Silberstein.

They are also experienced in the court room. “As a negotiating strategy, our adversaries often threaten that if we do not accept their settlement offer, they will withdraw it and go to trial. We can always call their bluff,” says Laurence J. Lebowitz, who has over 30 years of experience in trials and has a history as a prosecutor.

DSB gives out their personal phone numbers, keep their clients updated and, most importantly, if you call, they pick up. Now, not in two weeks. In the city where time (and nerves) are money, this brings real value.

In practice, their individual, case-by-case approach means dialogue; your needs are not put into a ready mold.

“We are a full-service law firm and provide high-level services in the areas of employment, litigation, general business, general business development, white collar investigations, securities and tax advice at very competitive prices with personal attention from lawyers,” Silberstein says.

To win championships, you need to win games. Surround yourself with a team of top lawyers that you can count on to help you reach further.