Congratulations to Air France KLM, Amcham Finland Member of the Year!

With over 8 million people flying a day, the airline industry is at the pinnacle of customer experience practice. It’s also at the heart of Air France KLM’s mission and what makes them stand apart from the competition.

At Amcham, Air France KLM has used the network of member companies to build routes across industries, ever seeking for best practices to implement in their own operations.

And they’re eager for more.

Recently re-entering the Finnish market with local representation, it’s a global enterprise focusing on customer intimacy. They’ve used Amcham to transition into the local market by meeting members, making connections and learning about Finnish needs and desires.

What do Finns desire in an airline company?

“For Finns, sustainability is very important. It’s in the public dialogue constantly, and Air France KLM wants to be at the center of it,” says Soili Varpula, Sales Manager for Finland and the Baltics.

Air France KLM has been at the top end of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the Airline category for 13 consecutive years. You can fly from Amsterdam to LA partially powered by biofuel, a technically challenging accomplishment that will soon expand to Sweden. 60,000 passengers traveled carbon neutral with KLM’s CO2ZERO compensation service in 2017. This is the future of air travel.

All of this and more means that if sustainability is a pillar of your company’s mission, choosing Air France KLM will help you reach your own goals.

For corporate customers travelling globally, Air France KLM offers the BlueBiz program that helps keep the travel budget in check. Anyone can sign up, regardless of travel volume. Linked to corporate contracts, companies in Finland can now also join the KLM Corporate BioFuel Program, strengthening their sustainability efforts and bringing travel-related emissions down in a tangible way.

When it comes to sustainability for a global company and customer experience practice, Air France KLM is an excellent resource for the rest of us.

“Our passengers are our business,” says Terhi Takkinen, Account Manager focusing on SME and Prospection. “We need to get them where they are going safely and on time, of course, but always supported by the caring attitude of our staff in the air and on the ground. This makes all the difference.”

All business comes down to people. Your relationship with your customers is at the heart of what you do. This was illustrated as we spoke near the gate for the KLM flight to Amsterdam. A young man was on his way to New York to see his girlfriend for three months with a hand-woven ring of fine steel in his pocket; he would propose if the opportunity arose. He asked Soili and Terhi for advice.

Air France KLM customer experience is not just about getting from Helsinki to New York; it’s about being consistently in tune with their customers and their needs.

That’s why spending time at the airport and meeting people on the ground regularly shapes how they position their operations in Finland.

With Helsinki Airport having recently gone carbon neutral, the signs are everywhere that sustainability is a winning formula for leadership in the field of aviation.