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Project Description


Eera is a pioneering company rooted in business management consultancy

By nature at Eera we are frontiersmen, looking beyond the conventional and building new paths to growth and business. By essence, pioneers.

Founded in 1986, Eera is a Finnish business management consultancy company. Our motto since our inception over a quarter century ago has been one which emphasizes our role as a builder of both business and society: “Fly and prosper Finland”.

We have realized this mission in a variety of ways with diverse clients – together with companies, consortiums, public sector players and ensuing partnership networks.

Success requires foresight, vision, extensive networks and business know-how, as well as an ability to break away from tradition and unite a range of players and capabilities behind shared goals. These are the very capabilities we bring with us.

Acting as a top management resource, Eera is an enabler for efficient change and development.