Our Mission:

Amcham Finland enhances internationalization of member companies and promotes a positive image of foreign investment and international talent in Finland.

We are the voice of international business in Finland, regularly bringing constructive proposals and research to public sector decision-makers.

We achieve our mission in many ways:

  • Exchange of information, cooperation, collaboration, and innovation between members

  • Offering our members a forum for commercial and social activity

  • Participating in public debate and advocating on behalf of members

  • Following economic development and legislature

  • Creating proposals and statements that promote our purpose

We offer unique networks, professional working groups, and other services to our member community:

A step-by-step workshop series to give confidence to Finnish companies entering the U.S. market.

A closed-doors network connecting defence professionals and public sector representatives.

Events gathering our community to hear inspirational expert speakers from across the world.

An intimate and relatable network connecting CEOs of international companies in Finland.

A network designed to establish relationships between life science executives, key stakeholders and decision-makers in government. This is the perfect forum for cross-industry collaboration.

Events and meetings to empower female business leaders.

An opportunity for Executive Assistants to meet each other and share ideas.

Amcham Legal Committee provides our lawyer network with a public forum to discuss relevant and contemporary issues.

We follow transatlantic developments and ensure that your business can succeed during times of political unrest.

Our in-house team members actively follow the development of transatlantic business. We are partners in commissioning the Transatlantic Economy Report, and we’re in Washington, D.C. annually to communicate the needs of our members to decision-makers on Capitol Hill. We also participate in monthly transatlantic and EU policy calls.

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