Our Mission

Amcham Finland enhances internationalization of member companies and promotes a positive image of foreign investment and international talent in Finland.

We are the voice of international business in Finland, regularly bringing constructive proposals and research to public sector decision-makers.

How We Achieve Our Mission

Services Offering

A step-by-step workshop series to give confidence to Finnish companies entering the U.S. market.
Our working groups convene industry experts around key themes for international business in Finland. These discussions are a vital part of developing Amcham’s policy advocacy.
A closed-doors network connecting defence professionals and public sector representatives.
We run multiple Networks which support your company and make Finland a better operating environment for business.
Making global business a local success. Country Manager Network is an intimate and relatable network connecting CEOs of international companies in Finland.
We offer a tailored crash course, private transatlantic briefings to C-Level international leaders in our network, as part of your membership.


Our in-house team members actively follow the development of transatlantic business. We are partners in commissioning the Transatlantic Economy Report, and we’re in Washington, D.C. annually to communicate the needs of our members to decision-makers on Capitol Hill. We also participate in monthly transatlantic and EU policy calls.

Foreign Direct Investment

Amcham advocates for the fair and equal treatment of foreign affiliates and for policies that make Finland a more attractive location for foreign direct investment.

We ensure that policy-makers understand the critical role foreign affiliates and FDI plays in Finland’s economy, emphasizing that American and European investment creates jobs and fosters innovation. We ensure that foreign affiliates and their country managers have the tools they need to thrive in Finland.

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