Wednesday, October 30, 8:30 – 10:00 AM
Amcham Finland Offices
Eteläranta 6 A 8, Helsinki

Sustainability, start-up thinking, diversity, and digitalization are all major trends in business today. Inspired leaders embrace the changes in all of these areas and thrive. To many, this sounds impossible! How can you meaningfully change for the better in all of these areas, and why should you?

Talent is one important answer to both of these questions. When nobody knows that the future holds, maintaining a competitive edge requires business executives and HR managers to find the right talent for business growth and competitiveness.

In this event we will talk about how to lead, retain and attract talent throughout this perfect storm of change. 

Mikala Larsen, Head of Nordic HR at Nestlé, will tell you how Nestlé’s focus on building inclusive teams and promoting disruptive leadership has enabled them to create a positive working environment and ensure future-ready skills and competencies. Mikala will also discuss the changing competitive landscape for businesses and how Nestlé is future-proofing its business by acting as a ‘Smart UP’ and why this is also important for the HR function.

Stefan Heinrichs, Managing Director of Academic Work, will facilitate the discussion. He’ll share fascinating insights from a recent YPAI study that reveals what young professionals look for in an employer and how to make your company the obvious choice for millennials.

Together we’ll discuss the following topics:

  • What kind of leadership and company culture attracts and retains talent?
  • Who should be responsible for driving diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Is it HR or the C-suite?
  • What role can technology play?
  • How can we overcome unconscious biases when recruiting?
  • How can your company attract and retain millennial professionals?

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Event Partners:

Event Speakers:

Mikala Larsen

Nordic Head of HR, Nestlé

Mikala Larsen is a professional with 15 years of human resource management experience, the last 10 years have been with Nestlé. From 2013-15 she was relocated as HR Management Development Manager for Nestlé Professional based in Switzerland.

She holds a BSc in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark followed by an MBS in International Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in California, USA and finally a Graduate Diploma in Organizational Behaviour from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Practicing human resources in a variety of industries and serving many years in the role of HR Manager has provided Mikala the opportunity to work in all areas of human resources including strategic planning, recruiting, onboarding, training & development, employee relations, performance management, labour relations, coaching, facility management and safety & health.

Mikala is a part of the Nordic inclusion and gender balance public debate and she often shares Nestlé’s experiences within these topics – and other HR topics – with other large cooperations wanting to hear about the story behind Nestlé’s results – for instance that Nestlé Denmark under Mikala’s HR leadership is one of the few large company in the Nordics having obtained gender equality on all management levels, meaning equal number of men and women on these positions.

Mikala is 47 years old and is based at the Nestlé Nordic Head Office in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she also lives with her 2 children.

Stefan Heinrichs

Managing Director, Academic Work

Stefan Heinrichs started his career at Academic Work a decade ago. As managing director, he has led the Finnish organization from 15 employees with a turnover of EUR 3 million to 200 employees and a turnover of EUR 43 million. The goal for the future is at least as ambitious; EUR 100 million by the end of 2022. Stefan has a strong insight into what kind of workforce companies are currently looking for and what the young professionals have to offer. Stefan leads strongly through culture and can truly be called a people leader. In addition to managing the growth company, Heinrichs also serves on the board of HPL and on Amcham Finland Advisory board.

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