With B2B sales becoming more fiercely competitive, businesses are forced to look for ways to improve their sales teams’ proficiency and efficiency. By any means necessary?

Sales seminars and week-long training sessions have gone the way of the door-to-door salesman. With the ushering in of the digitally-minded sales pro, we also see the arrival of new businesses.

One of them is Bizmind, a sales-accelerator service that utilizes psychometrics and crowd learning.

We had an excellent opportunity to sit down with Founder & Chairman Manne Pyykkö to learn more about the service and how Bizmind is planning to take the business world by storm.

Manne, tell us a little about Bizmind. Why should a business listen?

At Bizmind, we promise more sales and less stress. We feel that the biggest problem facing B2B salespeople right now is that they don’t learn enough from their customer meetings and interactions.

We believe that the best method of perfecting sales performance is via evidence-based sales improvement.

Common sense things like arriving on time and being prepared for your meeting are easy rules to abide by. On top of these basic necessities, there are other bits of wisdom that can be more difficult to adhere to, let alone incorporate into sales routines.

We’re listening! How does Bizmind provide better sales results and a greater ROI than traditional sales-training seminars?

Let’s imagine a salesperson brings in 300,000 euros a year. In any given year this person needs to attend a week-long training course that easily costs 2-3 grand. Add in lost sales time and you could be looking at a loss of 10 grand or more!

Ultimately, the time commitments associated with attending sales trainings are becoming harder and harder to justify for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With Bizmind, salespeople experience personalized sales training sessions that span more than 200 days in a year – without missing any work. That’s one of the major areas in which Bizmind differentiates itself from traditional training seminars and workshops.

Bizmind tailors itself to the skills of the individual to maximize salespeople’s abilities and helps them to reach their full potential. We analyze your successes and apply it to future sales opportunities.

How was it that you came to join Amcham Finland and the Launchpad USA program?

Finnish investor Mikko Suonenlahti helped to steer us towards Amcham Finland and Launchpad USA. Mike Klyszeiko, Director of the Launchpad USA program, helped us out and entertained the idea that once the English version of Bizmind was up that we could get some handshakes and introductions to some bigger players.The other Amcham members are larger than us, but we feel that they’ll be able to help us in many different capacities. Legal, public relations, insurance – we’ll need help in all of these areas as we transition more into growth mode.

You presented Bizmind at Slush15 – the largest tech startup event in Europe. How would you characterize the reception that you received from that crowd of very influential people?

It was a huge success for us! We managed to stop traffic at our booth and our theme was a hit with the crowd. We held a sort of memorial service for Mr. Sales Training to help introduce people to the goals of Bizmind and the types of problems that we are working towards solving. We also had a video made of our presentation that went viral. It is starring yours truly. We had a blast doing it. People really seemed to get a kick out of it.

Bizmind’s English version is scheduled to launch during Q1 of 2016. If you’re interested in increasing your sales team’s performance, check out Bizmind’s website for more information and contact details.

For more information about joining the Launchpad USA program or working with other Launchpad USA members, contact Program Director – Mike Klyszeiko.