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Magisso is a Finnish brand on a mission: to create innovative functional design products and place them in every kitchen in America.

The man at the helm, and Amchampion of the Year, Juhani Sirén (Magisso) says its full speed ahead into the biggest consumer market in the world.

“Our focus is the U.S. market. It’s potentially a great success story for us.”

The company, that has received a string of international design awards, is holding discussions with some of the nation’s biggest home retailers.

“Since we entered the U.S. market things have been going like crazy. As a small company we are really investing a lot in the U.S market.”

Amcham’s Launchpad USA program is designed to help businesses crack into the U.S. market.

Juhani’s input to the program, and enthusiasm to share his expertise, landed him the Amchampion of the Year award, announced at the Annual General Meeting.

Juhani says his involvement with Amcham has been so much more than just a ‘meet and greet’.

“While the networking opportunities are huge, it’s more about reaching a mutual goal. You can have really great individuals, but they cannot do anything without the support of all the rest.”

“Finland is a small country, so when you see other companies with the same spirit and mentality, it acts as an in-built positive pressure.”

Building on that positive pressure is branding, which he describes as an “extremely valuable” market tool, built up over many years.

“When you are talking about the design industry it is all about quality, reliable partnerships, and a funny accent which is always a benefit!”

Runners-up for the award are: Laurent Knoops (Brada-Rokade), Juhani Laitila(Atradius), Oliver Rittgen (Bayer), and Marit Palo (IBM).