NatureGate makes people understand how all nature is connected and how we can act towards better tomorrow.

Mobile learning methods have been discussed by numerous global working groups for several years, and over past years the discussion is starting to turn into action. Today governments, schools and universities systematically search for reliable mobile learning tools. This offers huge global market potential for innovative and pedagogically sound solutions.

Popularizing nature with unique mobile learning and species identification tool. Patented species identification method. Highly engaging learning tool by combining virtual and real world. Revolutionary digital education tool for schools worldwide.


Mobile learning enables the sustainable development. The climate change can be seen in the environment. Clean water sources are diminishing globally and better understanding can help to make better decisions. To observe and map these changes, it is important to increase the awareness starting from the individual level.

Mobile learning provides an intuitive and fun way for people of all ages to take part in creating a greener tomorrow. Millions of people observing and identifying the nature can make a big impact. Observations with GPS tagged photos provide information about species whereabouts. NatureGate crowdsourcing can make difference in global political decision making.



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