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Amcham Finland
Networks & Committees

At Amcham you will meet new people and strengthen relationships with existing contacts. Through Amcham’s engaging, cross-industry, cross-border networks you can connect with other high-performing executives.

Our networks include U.S. Subject Matter Experts, Legal Committee Network, the Executive Assistant Network, The Women’s Network, Defence Industry Dialogue, and the Life Science Working Group.

Our Networks


A forum for lawyers to discuss relevant and contemporary issues.


An intimate network of CEOs from international firms in Finland.


Empowering female business leaders through events and discussions.


Executive Assistants meeting each other and sharing ideas.


A neutral and trusted network for companies in the high-tech and defense spaces.


Life science executives meeting stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

Legal Committee


Henna Tolvanen

Legal Tech Specialist,
KPMG Finland

Emma Mäkelä

Senior Legal Counsel

Harnessing talent from top legal firms and in-house council throughout the Amcham membership network, our Legal Committee action group enhances and facilitates international business.

The Committee considers best practices in key areas, including intellectual property, international business operations and taxation.

Expertise within the Committee guides Amcham position papers. Legal Committee also advises Amcham’s Board of Directors, Advisory Board, other members and team staff on all legal matters.

Country Manager Network

contact Person:

Rosa Thurman

Director of Foreign Affiliate Services & Sustainability
Amcham Finland

Country Manager Network is making global business a local success.

Country Manager Network is an intimate and relatable network connecting CEOs of international companies in Finland. Amcham members get:

  • Member-only event access to meet C-level business leaders, politicians, and key stakeholders
  • Learning opportunities to stay updated on foreign investment issues in Finland
  • Chance to support research projects that benefit international businesses in Finland
  • Receive enhanced visibility through social media and blog posts

Women's Network

contact Person:

Katie Girow

Director of Membership Services
Amcham Finland

There’s a reason why the Women’s Network is Amcham Finland’s longest running program. It continues to deliver.

The high-level forum covers trends and themes that are of particular interest to women who have or aspire to have international careers.

Executive Assistants Network

contact Person:

Katie Girow

Director of Membership Services
Amcham Finland

The Executive Assistants Network puts on some of our most popular events: from learning about how to harness creativity, to understanding subtle cultural shifts and how to adapt to the changing face of work, the EAs have to be on top of it all!

EAs are the CEO-whisperers, and if you are wise, you’ll strike up friendships with them!

Defence Industry Dialogue

contact Person:


Amcham Finland

Defence Industry Dialogue business forum is a neutral and trusted network for information sharing, partnering, and capability-sourcing for companies in the high-tech and defense spaces.

DID provides a respected and proven platform for building connections, growing your knowledge capital and furthering your business objectives. Our sessions and events are meaningful, valued, and attended by industry leaders and influencers.

For more information contact:

Katie Girow

Director of Membership Services

+358 45 162 8449