With opening up an office in Stockholm, Amcham will be closer to its growing membership in the Scandinavian countries.

Tuomo K. Keinänen, a seasoned business executive, served for two years on the advisory board of Amcham’s investment program, so the transition has been smooth. Tuomo got a flying start as Managing Director for Scandinavia at the turn of the year.

“I’ve been in this situation myself. You are based in Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Yet, you ought to grow a business in the Finnish market. Local expertise and a professional network are exactly what an executive covering a market from a distance craves,” Tuomo says, “and that’s what I’m going to connect them to.”

Indeed, the aim of setting up a new office is to be closer to the members in the Scandinavian market and to connect with the corporate decision makers that are based there.

“66% of Nordic headquarters are still located in Sweden and many of them are looking for a smart way to cover Finland from a distance. Amcham helps them to build relationships and open doors in Finland,” Amcham’s C.E.O. Kristiina Helenius confirms.

“For years we managed by travelling back and forth, but now the demand for member services is so high that it requires a more permanent presence.”

Tuomo has made his career as the country or Nordic manager of several international companies. Before joining Amcham, he ran Intertek’s business in Finland and the Baltic countries.

“We would like to see a return of country operations into Finland, of course. The main point, however, is not to let go of the businesses that are present in Finland,” he continues.

Tuomo will start by meeting with the current members in the Nordic region and making sure they are up to speed about the Instant Insider services Amcham Finland offers to its non-resident members. There has been a lot of demand for a Nordic liaison, so his calendar for the spring is already filling up.

Sweden also has an AmCham. The slight alteration in spelling is not the only difference. The two associations have quite different aims in the Scandinavian market because of their respective markets. Amcham Finland – with a larger focus on being multinational – serves companies that are headed to or based in Finland whereas AmCham Sweden is focused on promoting American businesses in Sweden.

The two organizations, however, work very closely together. They support a joint program for Nordic managers: the New North Forum. Their offices will in the future be found under the same roof, in the Waterfront Building in the city center of Stockholm. See you there!

Amcham Finland is a not-for-profit Finnish association that was founded in 2005. This non-partisan, non-governmental, member-funded international business hub has more than 400 member companies headquartered in more than 20 countries.