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Click the image to download Finland Fact Pack 2019!

August Associates, in cooperation with Amcham Finland, has put together Finland Fact Pack, a comprehensive presentation setting out the rationale for foreign businesses to invest in Finland and its society. Aimed at country managers and others dealing with investments, it showcases Finland’s stable economy and its tech-savvy, highly-educated workforce. Finland Fact Pack is a one-stop shop containing all information a company might need to provide the grounds to invest in Finland for the first time or for country managers to make a case to global HQ for expanding their operations.

Click the image to download an executive summary of the new Finland as a Business Location barometer!

How much confidence does the global community have in Finland as a business and investment location? Finland as a Business Location barometer compares how company executives perceive Finland’s strengths and weaknesses, international competition, future employment growth, and research and development (R&D) opportunities.

For more information, contact Rosa Thurman, Director of Investment Programs

Phone: +358 45 699 5997

Amcham Finland Blog

Transatlantic Week in Brussels Begins: What is the State of Transatlantic Trade in 2019?


Amcham Finland has co-sponsored the publication of Transatlantic Economy 2019, a comprehensive annual survey on the state of the transatlantic economy.

How can we improve the Finnish e-commerce experience?


So far, Finland has failed to compete successfully in the online marketplace, yet the internet offers new opportunities for internationalization and opening services for larger markets.

Well done, Finland! But how can we improve our healthcare system?


Health industry investment and skilled workforce employment bring Finland tremendous economic benefit, as well as a higher standard of living for the nation's people.

Thank you for 2018, the year of member engagement!


In 2018, Amcham members attended 39 events and briefings on 14 different trends and topics, with 1,090 attendees and 21 speakers flown in from abroad.

The Limits of Outsourcing: Guest Blog by Dr. Mikko Laukkanen


While we can and should rely on experts for in-depth knowledge on many topics, any responsible leader must have a working understanding of technology and its application.

Insurance Matters for Finnish Companies Entering the U.S.


Susan Combs tells us why understanding and purchasing appropriate insurance in the U.S. matters for your Finnish business.

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