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Nordic Midsummer Getaway in the Middle of the Big Apple


So, here’s the question: when does summer start? It varies according to culture and climate. In the Nordic tradition, Midsummer is celebrated at the time of summer solstice, around the 24th of June (“From here on it will only get darker, winter is on its way.”).

Amchampion Awards 2018


  Amcham Finland’s annual Amchampion Awards, taking place on August 30 this year, is our way of kicking off the Active Season, with events taking place at a furious pace. The greatest innovations come from [...]

Improvement from Broadway to D.C. to Helsinki


    Scott Miller visited the Amcham Finland offices a while back to train the team in his communication skills technique, which is based on breathing. He's honed it through learning and teaching about acting [...]

Startups and Corporations: A Tricky Combination


  We recently had Rishi Chowdhury, Co-Founder of Momentum London and IncuBus Ventures, visiting Amcham Finland to present and take part in a panel discussion together with Miikka Kataja, Head of Partnerships at Slush and [...]

Do We (Really) Support Innovation?


Finland is globally known for its pro-innovation policies. However, whether or not we really support innovation is often tested in the details and technicalities that, in practice, regulate and perhaps stifle innovation.

Cracking the IT Talent Code


IT positions not only take tech skills, but also people skills and business savvy. A coder must interact productively with a team, but also communicate with, hear and implement the needs of the client.

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