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Amcham is the voice of international business in Finland. Amcham has expertise in the transatlantic economy, and we shape a better operating environment for businesses.

This is Julia.

She is Amcham’s Policy Officer.

Who leads Policy & Advocacy?
Meet Julia Mäklin

  • Master’s degree in History specializing in North American studies from the University of Helsinki with further study in New Zealand, and a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from Arcadia University of Applied Sciences
  • Worked on Capitol Hill as a U.S. Illinois Congressman intern, uncovering policy areas in energy & environment, contacting constituents and arranging meetings and events on the Hill
  • Previously worked with researching and tourism at Suomenlinna for 6 years
  • She is the head of Amcham’s policy and advocacy work, speaking on behalf of international business with Finnish policymakers.
  • Coordinates the Legal Committee and Life Science events
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The policy themes that guide our policy & advocacy work are:

Our policy platforms are developed through meetings with our members, and they’re topical issues brought up in the business community at large.

What issues do you care about?


Amcham’s policy & advocacy work is built on the extensive knowledge and standpoints of the Amcham member community and serves to inform and advise key stakeholders.

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Amcham Finland co-sponsored Transatlantic Economy Report 2019, a comprehensive annual survey on the state of the transatlantic economy. The wide-ranging survey concludes that politics trumped the economy as a matter of public attention in 2018 and might do so in 2019.