Project Description


3 Step IT

Our comprehensive service offering is aimed at organizations with high-volume IT needs. We help them to manage the financing, use and replacement of IT equipment in a transparent, cost-effective and sustainable way.

Because we handle large volumes of equipment and use very efficient processes, we can offer our customers a highly cost-effective, one-stop-shop solution for leasing, renewing and responsible disposal of IT assets. They benefit from the peace of mind that their sensitive data is properly erased from all returned equipment before it is resold.

We currently have subsidiaries in 11 countries worldwide: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore and Sweden.

Carmen Ene, CEO at 3 Step IT, was re-elected to the Amcham Finland Board in 2018 for a two-year term.

She joined 3 STEP IT in 2015, and previously have held a variety of roles in IT and Financing industries, most recently vice president of IBM Enterprise Global Business Services and IBM Global Financing Europe.