Project Description

3D Bear

Unleashing the Future of 3D Learning

3DBear develops pedagogic learning modules for 3D printing, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in the class rooms for K-12, vocational training, adult education and libraries/maker spaces.

In the future almost everything will be 3D-printed or visualized using VR and AR. There are two reasons why 3D-printing, AR and VR have not been harnessed as a tool for teaching. First, it is too difficult. Second, there is no pedagogic content.

3DBear ( solves both problems. With gamified apps and online learning platform (community, teacher’s guides, 3D assets, user care etc.) any teacher in the world can fully utilize the future technologies in classroom.

All the pedagogic content has been developed with the best experts in the world: the teachers in Finland.