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Project Description

LymphaTouch Inc. is a pioneering Finnish healthcare technology company developing a treatment device based on negative pressure. The LymphaTouch® device was originally developed in 2005 as a tool for physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals to support lymphedema treatment.

Our LymphaTouch device, previously also known as PhysioTouch, has been successfully used in physiotherapy, lymph therapy and rehabilitation. The main applications are treating swelling and edema, but also promoting faster recovery for patients. LymphaTouch is used worldwide.

The goal of LymphaTouch is to promote treatment that is based on scientific evidence benefiting patients, caregivers and the healthcare community.

LymphaTouch Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified. Our products are manufactured in Finland and are CE marked in accordance with directive 93/42/EEC. LymphaTouch is an FDA Class 1 Exempt device.

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