Project Description



Martela designs and creates the best workplaces and learning environments for its customers. We offer ergonomic solutions for modern working environments – for mobile work and activity based offices. Our objective is to provide with the best service in the business and high-quality and innovative products. Fast deliveries and an efficient delivery network help us attain this objective.

Martela is the largest company in its sector in Finland and one of the three largest in the Nordic countries. We also offer a wider range of services that support the maintenance and modification of interior solutions than anyone else. We offer a comprehensive service that can cover the entire process of change from initial inventory and design to removal and maintenance.

Martela is a family company founded 70 years ago and its shares are quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki. The company has production facilities in Finland, Sweden and Poland. Our main markets include the regions around the Baltic Sea and Norway.

In 2015, Martela Group’s turnover was EUR 132.8 million and it employed an average of 622 employees.


With Martela Lifecycle, we define, plan, implement and maintain workplaces that are cost effective and most of all, support the wellbeing of their users.


The nature of knowledge work has changed a lot in a short period of time. With our new, innovative solutions we support the new way of working while ensuring a high utilisation rate of the workspace.


User driven design is the bases of our solutions. That is how we create workplaces that enhance wellbeing and productivity. Comfortable workspaces bring happiness and energy to the working day.


Corporate responsibility is built through working environments. Sustainable choices and taking into account the lifecycle of the solutions are just some of the ways in which we can support your company’s responsibility. We want to make sure that everyone has a safe working environment that supports wellbeing.