Project Description


Headquartered in Raufoss, Norway, the Nammo Group is a technology-driven aerospace and defense group specializing in high-performance defense and space solutions. The company was founded in 1998, based on a merger of three major Nordic defense companies: Celsius AB, Patria Oyj, and Raufoss ASA.

The Nammo Group’s shareholders are the Norwegian Government represented by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (50 percent) and the Finnish Defense and Aerospace Group, Patria Oyj (50 percent).

The Nammo Group is driven by precision engineering, a dedication to safeguarding the environment, and the development of innovative, global solutions. With a total of 22 production sites and sales offices, the Nammo Group operates through 6 business units: Commercial Ammunition, Small and Medium Caliber Ammunition, Large Caliber Ammunition, Shoulder Fired Systems, Aerospace Propulsion, Demil, Sea Safety and Services.

The company employs 2200 experts in 11 countries, and the company’s annual revenue is USD 600 million (EUR 450 million).

In Finland Nammo consists of Nammo Lapua Oy with offices and production in Vantaa and Lapua; Nammo Lapua Vihtavuori Sites with offices and production in Tampere, Vihtavuori and Sastamala; and Vihtavuori Oy, also located in Vihtavuori.

Nammo Group’s innovative, wide-ranging products and services are implemented world-wide. Its broad portfolio includes shoulder-launched munitions systems, military and sports ammunition, rocket motors for military and space applications, and environmentally friendly demilitarization services.