Project Description



We at Reima want kids to be kids and to play outdoors freely. And to enable kids to go outside and play in any weather, we develop top-quality functional clothes. In addition to this, we share information about the benefits of outdoor activity and we strive to encourage families to take up an active way of life. Reima was founded in Finland in 1944. In over 70 years we have gained a unique understanding of materials and their functionality in most demanding environments. The Reima story continues to inspire generation after generation. By constantly innovating, renewing our thinking and design, we aim to lead the future of children’s outdoor activity. Reima sells over 5 million products annually. The brand net sales have doubled from 2010 to 2015. Our net sales in 2015 was approximately EUR 75.4 million and 75% of net sales come from international markets. We operate in over 30 countries and currently employ over 200 professionals globally.