Project Description


Temet is the global leader in blast protection and special ventilation technology applied in protective constructions such as civilian shelters, hardened military facilities and the chemical and petrochemical industry. For hardening technology, Temet can offer the most advanced products designed for blast resistant closing of the access ways and ventilation openings. Our advanced design methods supported by experience and comprehensive validating testing methods guarantee that a uniform blast resistance level for the facility is attained. Regarding the temporary life supporting systems technology, Temet has a full range of special equipment and systems required in effective NBC-protection based on reliable detection of the CBRN-threat and effective filtration of the intake air for correct pressurization of the shelter. In the industrial sector Temet’s technology is used worldwide in the chemical and Oil&Gas industry to mitigate risk and ensure effective response in a crisis by protecting control buildings, field auxiliary rooms, fire fighting access points, shut off points and electrical substations.