You have come to know Amcham as a champion of inward investment and top talent. As the new Head of Advocacy, I’m happy to assure you that that is the one thing that is not going to change.

My main goal is to drive diversification of the Finnish economy on your behalf and challenge it to open up, engage and excel.

The way we do things, however, always evolves, as it should.

As the Amcham programs continue to grow in quality and relevance, they have also become a new avenue for spotting and channeling your advocacy needs. The Global Investors’ Program and the Life Science Group, for example, are already bringing a number of concrete issues to the surface.

There is much to do, for sure, but I am quite excited by the breadth of superb companies and highly skilled professionals, including expats, in the member community. By your very existence, we have access to the best insights for making Finland more globally savvy and connected.

We truly are an international business network, and I am very eager to work with and for you!

So, let Amcham be your voice. As an independent, non-governmental and non-partisan organization, we can add unique value to the many ongoing policy debates.

How should we then get organized? We in the Amcham team are very aware of the many demands on your time and your wish to keep things light and even casual. Getting results is what you care about.

We hear you. We will use the agility of Amcham to move quickly and decisively. Digital tools allow us to communicate with you remotely when need be. Instead of open-ended committees, we find issue-specific campaigns to be the way to go.

You can expect to see many key politicians and policy makers around the Amcham table this year. We’ve been able to support their work in many ways, and now they in turn are interested in working more with us.

Building strategic private-public partnerships will definitely be high on the agenda.

In February, we will host a discussion on the new landscape of advocacy in hopes that it will launch a series of discussions among advocacy experts on how we can stay up to speed in what we do.

More information coming up soon.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you!

Nina Hyvärinen

Advocacy at Amcham

Our goal is to be a trusted and trustworthy channel between business and government. We have an open mind and a desire to drive positive change. We’re always looking for members to join us as we try to make Finland a better place to do business. From scheduling one-to-one meetings to participating in any of our issue-specific working groups, there’s a place for you if you have an interest in working with us. Just give us a call or send an email our way.

Nina Hyvärinen
Head of Advocacy
+358 50 504 7701