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Periodical publications

Finland-U.S. Economic Deep Dive 2023

Amcham Finland’s supplement to the Transatlantic Economy 2023 report provides a comprehensive overview of the current state and future opportunities of the Finland-U.S. economic relationship. The report’s third annual iteration covers several critical topics, including the digital economy, the sustainable energy transformation, and addressing dependencies on China.
The report includes contributions from:

  • Jukka Salovaara, Permanent State Secretary, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland
  • Douglas T. Hickey, U.S. Ambassador to Finland
  • Okko-Pekka Salmimies, Consul General, Ambassador, Consulate General of Finland in Los Angeles
  • Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, CEO of Amcham Finland
  • Joseph P. Quinlan, Senior Fellow at the Transatlantic Leadership Network
  • Juho Kostiainen, Economist at Nordea
  • Rosa Thurman, Director of Sustainability and Foreign Affiliate Services at Amcham Finland
  • Mike Klyszeiko, Director of Launchpad USA at Amcham Finland
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Finland as a Business Location FDI Barometer Report 2023

To understand Finland’s position in the global competition for investments, Amcham Finland and Invest in Finland conducted a survey of 400 C-level executives and country managers of Finnish and foreign-owned companies.

Finland Fact Pack 2022

Made specifically with leaders of international business in Finland in mind, the Finland Fact Pack 2022 provides facts and insights for executives to sell Finland as a business environment and an investment destination.

A warm thank you to Amcham member August Associates for putting together this resource. August provides knowledge of the Finnish business environment and expertise in helping companies succeed in Finland.

The latest edition also covers two key areas for the coming election season: sustainability and the political climate. We hope you enjoy these insights and forward it to your colleagues.


Amcham Finland’s FDI Forum 2022 brings together business leaders, industry experts and decision-makers to discuss how geopolitical instability, worsening energy crisis and competition for talent are changing the global investment landscape.

Our publications

The Transatlantic Economy 2023 Report

This annual report presents the most up-to-date facts and figures about the EU-U.S. economic relationship.

FDI Vision for Finland

The report discusses Finland’s competitive position globally and contains insights and recommendations on for a long-term vision for FDI & talent.

Finland as a Business location barometer

To understand Finland’s position in the global competition for investments,Amcham Finland and Invest in Finland conducted a survey of 400 C-levelexecutives and country managers of Finnish and foreign-owned companies.

Finland Fact Pack 2022

August Associates, in cooperation with Amcham Finland, has put together Finland Fact Pack 2022, a comprehensive presentation setting out the rationale for foreign businesses to invest in Finland and its society. The latest edition also covers two key areas for the coming election season: sustainability and the political climate.

Our Articles

B2B Sales are Happening Online

Traditionally, B2B sales have taken place face-to-face. Accelerated by the pandemic, this reality is quickly changing. It is now time to consider the full scope of eCommerce, and we did with DHL Express.

U.S. Tax Law Update with Sullivan Law, March 2021

In December of 2017 the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law which marked the most significant change to U.S. tax laws in over three decades. President Biden has made it clear that he plans to make substantial changes to this tax law.

Safe Exports and Imports Save Lives

Shipping is a vital competitive factor for so many companies. Getting the product from A to B on time and in perfect condition is essential for any business’ success, and in some cases the difference between life and death. YSDS focuses on what they do best – Providing companies with global seamless shipping solutions – so that their clients can focus entirely on what they do best.

Three Strategies to Build Trust in eCommerce in Finland

The Covid-19 pandemic has hastened the move to eCommerce and, in the process, opened up new business opportunities across retail, service, digital, and many more sectors. The future is happening now, so we sat down with Juuso Paulasuo, Client Executive at Collector Bank, to talk about strategy for your business’ online presence.

Finland Risking Healthcare Ecosystems with New Laws

A set of three laws concerning the secondary use of healthcare data is making its way through the Finnish Parliament. Surprisingly, it is not clear that Parliament will ask industry leaders for their views on the proposed laws, which could jeopardize Finland’s goal of becoming the world’s leading research ecosystem.

Statement on EU Mechanism to Restrict Exportation of Covid-19 Vaccines

On January 30, the EU established a “transparency and authorization mechanism” for vaccine exports prohibiting the export of Covid-19 vaccines to select destinations outside the EU without prior approval. Amcham has published a statement regarding our concerns towards restricting exports because it may lead to vaccine spoilage and delay the resolution of the current public health crisis.

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