Maria Troberg felt slightly nervous as a junior associate amongst the cadre of senior lawyers at her first Amcham Legal committee meeting.

“All the other lawyers seemed so experienced. It was very much a partner-level gathering,” the now Nokia Senior Legal Counsel, recalls.

That was three years ago. Maria, the newly appointed Legal Committee Chair, says things have changed.

“I’m pleased that now we are seeing also younger lawyers coming along. I want to encourage all the new faces to speak up and be active!”

“I also want to encourage Amcham members to get in touch so we can develop programs and tools that are particularly useful to them.”

The dynamic team of lawyers and in-house counsel consider best practices in areas including intellectual property, international business operations and regulation.

Meeting regularly, they share their expertise with Amcham, developing programs and tools such as the Legal Guide to help newcomers navigate the legal landscape.

They develop sessions on topics that interest the whole community, for example cyber-crime and big data. Participation can contribute to the Finnish Bar Association’s continuing education requirement.

The represented firms also offer all Amcham members a free consultation.

Legal Committee Vice Chair Ami Paanajärvi says it’s far from a cocktail party.

“You can actively participate in topical dialogue, broaden your profile and influence topics discussed by key decision makers,” the Principal Associate at Roschier says.

Maria Parker, outgoing committee chair, says getting together with colleagues from different fields is invaluable.

“It teaches you a lot about what advocacy can be on the international playing field, how to cooperate with the competition, and realize that they are not in fact your competition.

“We are all working together towards one goal!”



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